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How do I use a public EV charging station?

Using an EV charging station and the etiquette involved can be slightly confusing when you're new to EV driving, but with the PlugShare app and these simple steps, you’ll be parked and charging in no time!

Here is our 5-step guide to simple EV charging…

Step 1: Locate the charging station on the PlugShare app

PlugShare – available online or downlaod the app - list hundreds of charging stations in Australia, so you can be sure you’ll find a charging station close to you. It’s easy to locate an EV charger, check the reviews from other drivers and read instructions on how to find the station in the carpark.

Step 2: Park in the station (or wait if it’s being used)

Sometimes electric car charging stations can have a queue, but courtesy and manners will get you a long way! Park nearby and keep an eye on the PlugShare app – if the other EV driver has checked in you will be able to see when they’ve finished charging.

Step 3: Read the instructions on PlugShare app or at the charging point

Is the charging station tethered or untethered? Did the last EV driver to use it report any problems? Do you need a particular cable that you don’t currently have in the boot of your EV? Getting to know a charging point when you first visit means you’ll charge up safely.

Step 4: Plug your EV in and log in via the PlugShare app to let everyone know you’re there

Always make sure you ‘check-in’ via PlugShare! This will inform others that this EV charging station is in use, making everyone’s lives smoother when charging.

Step 5: Leave a note or card

While it’s optional, we find leaving a note on your windscreen can help make life easier for you and the rest of the EV driving community. We have some double-sided cards that are free to download with courtesy and charging information.

Have we missed something? Do you have something to add to our EV charging list? We’d love to hear from you!


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