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What's the best electric car charger for hotels, motels and wineries?

Quick Read: We suggest this charger for its durability, power capabilities, and solar potential.


With COVID over for Australia, local eco travel for those with new electric cars is the new black for hotels, motels and wineries. The best way to attract customers new business generate revenue make money to your venue is to install an electric car charger from EVolution such as the zappi.

It's possible to bundle the charge of an EV such as a Tesla or a MG ZS EV or even a Hyundai Kona electric. An EV charger can help you make money for your hotel, motel and winery and perhaps even encourage customers to spend more on wine and explore the area more.

EVs are becoming mainstream, so the charging infrastructure is expected to be available when needed. Hotels across the country understand this and have started installing chargers, but what chargers are best suited for a business like a hotel?

First and foremost, you want to make sure your charger is of a high enough quality to survive the elements and customers alike. Durability and quality construction is key when an electric car charger is used by many people, often in an outdoor space.

Next, consider your power systems. Do you have three-phase power supply on-site? You want to make sure that your charger can utilise all available power efficiently, minimising your costs and maximizing potential. This goes for solar charging as well, if you have solar on-site, you should utilise it for charging, reducing costs across the board.

So, you’re looking for a durable charger able to utilise both single and three-phase power and potentially even solar. Many chargers tick some of these boxes, but to tick them all, we suggest a charger like the Myenergi Zappi.

EVolution has worked alongside Myenergi for a long time now because we thoroughly vouch for the reliability of their products. If you’re looking for the stamp of quality, we can assure you the Zappi is the charger for your business.

It’s all well and good listening to our advice, but does the Zappi have any real-world experience in a business setting?

Hotels and accommodations have recently started using the Zappi to much success. One prominent example is that of The Sunseeker.

Located in Byron Bay, The Sunseeker is a quaint getaway that provides stylish luxury accommodation and now, a Zappi charger for their EV customers. Wall-mounted outside, their Zappi charger has guaranteed EV drivers won’t go without a charge point when staying on-premises.

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