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Beacon Lighting & EVUp: Leading the Charge in Retail & EV Fleet Charging

Beacon Lighting's partnership with EVUp is revolutionising EV fleet charging, from public charging stations to managing their growing corporate EV fleet.

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle (EV) adoption, partnerships like the one between EVUp and Beacon Lighting are illuminating the path towards sustainable mobility. Three years ago, EVUp embarked on a journey with Beacon Lighting by installing EV chargers for Beacon's electric car fleet at their head office in Nunawading. Since then, Facilities & Maintenance Co-ordinator Kent has shown unwavering commitment to transitioning Beacon's fleet to fully electric vehicles nationwide.

Empowering Public EV Charging: Building on this foundation of sustainability, EVUp and Beacon Lighting are excited to introduce public EV charging for their customers. This initiative kicks off at Beacon's Traralgon store, where EVUp recently installed two chargers on the UpCharge network. These chargers will be accessible for free initially through the UpCharge app, offering a convenient and eco-friendly solution for EV drivers in the area. While the chargers are currently free to use, Beacon may explore introducing paid charging options in the future.

Find Us on Plugshare: To make it even easier for visitors to locate and utilise the charging stations, Beacon Traralgon is now listed on Plugshare, a popular platform for EV charging station locations. You can find more information and directions to the charging station here: Beacon Traralgon on Plugshare.

Pioneering Sustainability in Retail: As an iconic name in Australian retail, Beacon Lighting's partnership with EVUp reflects a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. This initial phase of introducing public EV charging at the Traralgon store is just the beginning. Plans are in motion for a larger rollout, with EV charging installations slated for Beacon's offices and stores nationwide.

Leading the Charge in Corporate EV Adoption: Beyond public charging, EVUp is also working closely with Beacon Lighting on rolling out EV charging for their growing corporate EV fleet. EVUp manages the charging infrastructure at Beacon's head offices, ensuring seamless operations and maximum efficiency for Beacon's electric vehicles.


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