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Introduction: Audi E3 EV Conversion

Why are we doing this??

The thing is, mainstream manufacturers still aren't making electric cars that appeal to everyone.

For example, Mitsubishi make the Outlander PHEV but it's not full electric and not a 7 seater. Nissan make the LEAF hatchback but (to some) it's a bit goofy looking and the Tesla models are amazing, but until the Model 3 is released, they're out of reach for many.

So why not build or convert a car to electric which you do like and potentially already own?

This is where the idea came from for the Audi A3 conversion.

So here it is!

It's a 1997 Audi A3 8L, full service history and 225,000kms and it's been well looked after by its two previous owners .

However, the engine is on its last legs and, the truth is, any major repair would be uneconomical. It really was only months away from the breakers yard.

The soon to be extracted motor.. thank you for your service!

That said, the car is still modern in terms of the way it drives, has that great Audi quality interior, has multiple airbags and carries the EuroNCAP 4 star rating. So it's a good base for an electric conversion for a daily drive.

Different to some other EV shops, who only focus on classic conversions we want to explore giving safe but end of life vehicles a new lease on life.. the ultimate renewable / upcycle project!

Stay tuned.. the next step is the tear down!

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