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Zappi vs common wall chargers: Is the Zappi king?

We all know the UK designed and made Zappi is the market leader for charging your electric car at home, this is especially true if you have PV solar panels on your roof. The Zappi was the first to introduce solar matched charging, first and only to introduce home battery integration and the first to be able to enumerate 3 phase power to charge a single-phase electric car. But that’s not all. The Zappi is so much more than a solar aware charger. On a daily basis, we’re asked why a new EV driver should choose a Zappi over a product their dealer is pushing. So, here’s a high-level comparison of all the direct competitors currently on offer by your Hyundai, Jaguar, Nissan and MG Motor dealer.

OTA Firmware Updates- Over-the-air updates are the industry standard for technology these days, devices able to obtain firmware and software update with minimal hassle. The Zappi is designed to make charging smarter, and with OTA updating, you can be sure that your zappi will update with new features throughout its lifetime.

Solar Matched Charging- If you have solar or wind power on your property, the Zappi will utilize it to charge your vehicle. This is truly where the Zappi shines and is unequivocally it’s best feature. The Zappi will dynamically adjust the charge rate depending on how much excess solar the charger is generating and can work alongside the power consumption of your house to charge using pure solar, adjusting constantly base on your solar input and usage.

Power Balancing- All houses have power supply constraints, usually dictated by the cable providing the power. Mostly this isn’t an issue, but when adding a charger to your system, it will almost assuredly be the most power-hungry appliance. Power balancing assures that the Zappi will charge using the maximum amount of energy possible while not impacting the rest of your power system. Some EV chargers have to be installed with hard limits on how much power they can consume, never reaching their maximum potential, but not the Zappi.

Battery Integration- The Zappi is the one and only charger able to be integrated into home battery systems. If you have a battery hooked up to your solar array, the Zappi is able to utilize this stored power, meaning a greener and more efficient charge, whenever you need it.

3-phase solar- Not only can the Zappi charge solar, but it can also manage a 3-phase solar input and consolidate this power to charge a single-phase vehicle. The 3 Phase Zappi is also able to charge using 3-phase power if your car can handle it, but know, no matter the solar input, your Zappi will be able to charge you vehicle with peak efficiency.

Smartphone app- Most of us have smartphones, they make our lives easier, and myenergi understand the needs of a modern driver. With the Zappi’s smartphone app, you can monitor and control your charging while you are on the go, everything at the tip of your fingers.

Inbuilt DC Protection- Recent changes in compliance dictate that a home wall charger needs to have DC leakage protection and if it doesn't, it must be separately fitted as part of the installation. This protection is required to prevent electric shocks from unbalanced currents to and from devices and your vehicle. The Zappi has all this protection inbuilt, where, with most other devices, you will need to pay more to obtain the vital DC protection.

The myenergi Zappi really is designed for the driver in mind, and with all these features, who could ask for more? If you’re interested in reading more about the Zappi and how it compares to other chargers on the market, click here.

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