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EO Mini Pro Vs Zappi: Battle of the solar wall charger

As the EV market booms in popularity, more and more technologies are arising to use renewable energy to charge electric cars.

To help you choose the right solar-connected charger for your situation, we've compared two wall-mounted home chargers that able to harness your solar power; the EO Mini and the myenergi Zappi.

Home charging is a popular, practical way to keep charge costs low but many drivers with an EV are concerned that using power from the grid is still buying into fossil fuels. In the past few years, companies like myenergi and EO have been trying to fix this issue by seeking a greener charge.

The result? Two rivalled compact EV chargers filled with smart technology to harness your renewable power in the home.

At EVolution, we have a lot of experience with the Zappi, a fantastic unit that has been reliable time and time again, but is the new kid on the block, The EO Mini Pro, coming to take the Zappi’s crown?

First, let’s compare similarities.

1. Both of these units are dedicated wall chargers that have the ability to connect to your personal solar PV panels or wind-generated power, creating a greener charge. They can also function normally without renewable power, acting as standard wall chargers pulling power from the grid.

2. Both the Zappi and the EO Mini Pro are Type 2 compatible and will charge with all Type 2 vehicles, which would be expected of a modern home charger nowadays.

3. The smart technology inside both also allows for optimal charging times and full control on when you charge, with timers and digital monitoring options.

What the main difference between the Zappi and EO?

1. The Zappi has more control over charging, with 3 distinct charge modes (you can read more about the modes here), as well as additional devices to connect detailed digital monitoring and smart energy diversion.

2. The Zappi also has a backlit LED screen and touch controls as well as an optional smartphone app, giving you a choice on how you interact with the unit.

3. The other differences between these two units should be the notable lack of three-phase charging on the EO model, a large win for the Zappi. Three-phase charging is not essential for a wall-mounted EV charger, but if your car accepts three-phase and you have the power set up for it, it’s a no brainer!

What is the zappi and EO cost comparison?

Cost-wise, the price difference between these two options is comparable.

But when it comes to a comparison of features, the zappi is a winner at $1395 for the single phase version, compared to $1300 for the EO. As well as more features, the slightly higher price point for the Zappi guarantees you complete control over your EV charging and home renewable power.

So, which is better? Zappi or EO?

Myenergi, the manufacturer of the zappi unit, has always focused on making EV charging and home power use as green as possible. Their original unit was only released when it was successfully solar connected, whereas EO are a new entrant to the solar-aware market.

When buying EV charging for a vehicle that you've purchased to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s not just about what these chargers can do, but the true drive behind their creations.

The Myenergi Zappi is the only EV charger that truly and effectively harnesses your renewable energy and has been our go-to green charger since we started selling EV products way back in 2015!

In the battle of the EV chargers, the Zappi still holds the title!


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