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Future-proofing shopping experiences

We're really pleased to have partnered with the Aventus Group to install EV charging stations at two of their 18 shopping centres.

One of Australia's biggest large-format shopping centre owners, the Aventus Group have an ambitious sustainability plan to reduce the carbon footprint and emission profile of their sites.

EV owners on the Mornington Peninsula can now plug in at both Cranbourne Home and Peninsula Home...and, according to PlugShare, the spaces were used pretty much immediately after installation.

Our media release is below, as well as a great story from the Mornington Peninsula News featuring Facebook page regular Rob Arrowsmith (thanks Rob!) and his Hyundai Ioniq Uber (click on the image for full story):

EV charging Mornington

Media release:

Free, low-emission driving just became a whole lot easier thanks to two new electric vehicle charging stations at shopping hubs Cranbourne Home and Peninsula Home.

Both located on the eastern edge of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, they are the first large format retail centres to cater for current and future EV-owning customers.

Aventus Group, who own these and 18 other centres across Australia, partnered with EVolution Australia to install the free-to- charge stations, a move that was underpinned by a commitment to developing sustainable practices and initiatives.

"As sector leaders we have a role in driving industry best practice, as well as supporting initiatives that encourage the use of electric vehicles, as well as other sustainability initiatives and processes.” said Aventus Group CEO Darren Holland.

A set of two dual-port 22kW AURA chargers from Swedish company ChargeAmps were installed at both Cranbourne Home and Peninsula Home in mid-July and do not require payment or rely on a smart phone app for access.

The AURA can provide 40-120kms of battery-powered driving for every hour of charge, depending on the type of electric vehicle.

“It’s great to see the uptake of electric vehicles being encouraged by the Aventus Group and we’re sure other large format retail parks will look to them as leaders in this space,” EVolution Australia director Russ Shepherd said.

“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Australian families are delaying their next car purchase in order to wait for suitable electric vehicle options,” Mr Shepherd said.

“Family and budget friendly cars such as the Tesla 3 and Nissan LEAF will change the face of driving as we know it, and many other manufacturers are planning to launch EVs in coming months.”

“Transport accounts for the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in Australia, and emissions are projected to continue to grow up to 2030*, so it’s vital to curb our use of traditional diesel and petrol vehicles as soon as possible.”


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