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How to run a business from your EV

It's not often we get to say this, but today's post contains two of our favourite things; cute slobbery doggos and electric vehicles!

We had a chat with the Dog Whisperer, otherwise known as Liam Shambrook, who has launched his business, Walking The Dog, from the back of Keivan, his Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV.

We jumped into Liam's baby blue branded MiEV to find out how he got to hang out with the pack everyday and run a successful business from an electric vehicle.

Why the MiEV? Well, my previous car was slowly dying and I wanted a work car. I didn't really want to get another petrol vehicle specially as things seem to be moving in the direction of more charging stations, vehicles and saving money every day.

What’s the cost, range and best features of it? I got mine for cheaper than usual as the inside was scuffed up a wee bit, so it was around the $13,000 mark which was fine, as I was going to have a pack of little slobbery fluffers in the back. The range varies but usually around 70 - 75kms on a full charge which is enough to get me into the city and back from Eltham/Greensborough way. I like many things about Keivan (yes, it's name is Keivan)! It's nice to know that even if I'm sitting in traffic, I'm not emitting Co2, noise pollution and taking up more space. It's perfect for zipping around the city, the torque is fantastic and it fits into small spaces/parks. I like knowing that when I'm driving down a hill, or coasting to the lights it is charging itself when it's in B or Eco mode (which I use pretty much all the time). Also, I don't have to put my foot down on the break as much because it starts to do it for me when I take my foot off the accelerator. It's encourages me to drive slower to save energy, whereas, on petrol I'd just push the car as far as I needed it to go. 

Was its purchase part of the business plan? Do you talk about it in your marketing? I would say it was part of the business plan and part of the general life and living plan as I put my values into my business. I am proud of Keivan and he mostly markets himself, which is good for me as I hope my services and customer reviews do the talking in terms of marketing/advertising  

Do you think you get more business due to your unique ‘dog mobile’? Lots of people look at Keivan even without the Walking the Dog logo on the side so hopefully they also take note of the sign and unique colour. Time will tell :)

Do you run a business using your EV and want to share it with us like Liam or Rob who uses his Ioniq to drive Uber? Get in touch!

If you loved Liam's story, you can give him a follow on his social channels (added bonus of dog photos in your daily feed!)


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