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The Myenergi Zappi V2...cuter and cleverer

It's no secret we love the Myenergi Zappi (rumour has it that our boss Russ sleeps with one on his bedside table).

This cute little robot is not your average EV charging unit. In short, it's designed to prioritise your self-generated power over energy from the grid.

This means you'll use the maximum amount of your own green power as possible. So, on days it's really sunny, Zappi will feed more power to your EV or household appliances and only feed to the grid when you're topped up. Cos what's the point of generating power only to give it away for a stupidly small feed-in-tarriff? Why not make the most of the beautiful renewable energy your (probably expensive) mini-power station is generating from the roof? And, while we're asking rhetorical questions, why drive an EV if you're going to charge it with brown coal power??

Zappi does this through three charging modes: eco, eco+ and fast. But, what do these modes mean?

Eco mode - Zappi will charge your EV while continually adjusting the charge rate as you use electricity in your home in order to minimise the use of grid power.

Eco+ mode - Zappi adjusts charge rate and will pause the charge to your EV if there is too much grid power being used OR if you don't want to use grid power at all. Like ever.

Fast mode - Zappi gets the EV charging job done asap, importing grid power if you don't have enough being generated from your PV array or wind turbine.

It's also good to know that you don't actually need renewable energy at your place to use the Zappi; it can just operate as a traditional home EV charging station.

What's the difference between Zappi V1 and Zappi V2?

Well, besides a bit of a facelift, the Zappi version two has a 1 and 3 phase option (with one phase you'll get one CT clamp, with 3 phase you'll get 3).

For those interested in the actual techs; the 1 phase charging range is 1.4 to 7kW and for 3 phase, 4.1 to 22kW.

Other major differences are the availability of a 22kW (obviously, given the info above), an untethered version (one without an attached cable for those who don't speak EV...yet) and a new RCD (residual current device) to make the unit even safer than it was before.

How do I pre-order a Myenergi Zappi V2?

Click here for the Zappi 7kW version and here for the Zappi 22kW version and we'll pop your name on the list! Delivery of the first units is expected in December...we may even gift wrap them and get Santa to deliver it to your place.

Happy Zappi charging!


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