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The GIGER EV charging cable is here…

We’re pretty excited about the Giger portable switchable electric vehicle charging cable!

If you’re an EV owner, the only thing better than having one of these in your boot would be if it brought you a cup of tea in bed each morning. <mental note for next team meeting…work on an EV charging cable slash barista design and make millions>

So, why is this rather attractive, long, dark and handsome cable so desirable? Put simply, it has a range of EV-friendly features that are extremely helpful in the charging process. Such as:

  • It’s a portable 3 phase cable, meaning you can plug into all those caravan, parking area and industrial site plugs you previously had to drive past

  • But! You can also plug it into single phase power

  • You can adjust the charge current from 6 to 32 amps across all three phases to suit your EV and power supply

  • The LCD display lets you delay the EV charging start time from 1 to 5 hours so you can take advantage of off-peak or self-generated power

  • The screen also gives you a range of other useful EV charging info

It comes standard with 5 metres of cable, so plenty of length to reach your EV when parked in odd spots

But wait! The Giger has more!

If all that’s not enough to get you charged up (geddit?!), then how about the kicker…if you’ve got this little beauty charging up your EV at 32 amps (22kw), it’s able to give you a range of 120kms per hour of charge. How’s that for fast and furious*?

But…the best bit for all you apartment / body corporate dwelling EV owners out there. The Giger can be used as effectively as, and instead of, an EV charging wall unit.

Yep, an answer to those of you who are renting, transient and don’t want to fork out thousands for an installed charger that you can’t take with you.In fact, it even comes standard with a wall socket, so you can tuck it away neatly or unclip and chuck it in the boot.

Good right?To get another take on this impressive bit of EV charging kit, we lent a Giger to Drive Zero journo Anthony who makes some great points in this article (and particularly liked the swooping blue charge light).All in all, an extremely useful portable EV charger to add to your boot. Particularly if you’re travelling long distances around Australia or New Zealand, staying at caravan parks or visiting showgrounds…basically, the places where 3 phase power sockets are commonly found in the wild.Got questions about the Giger? We love to talk all things EVs and charging, so give us a call on 1300 70 11 99 (Australia) or 0800 11 11 51 (New Zealand) or drop us an email here.

*NB: We do not condone the use of EVs for street racing, drifting or other Hollywood-style-car-chase-related behaviour. Unless you’re a Formula E driver or James Bond. In which case, please send photos.

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