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Want a free EV read?

Our good friends at Renew have very kindly given us 5 copies of Renew Mag to give away. Why? Well, ‘cos we asked them and they’re awesome, but also because the latest edition talks all things EV.

And, hooley dooley do we mean EV. When they say ‘greening your ride’ they really go for it. Not only does it have an amazingly detailed Electric Vehicle Buyers Guide by tech journo Lance Turner, but also a look at how EVs work, some magical-unicorn-fairyland mythbusting and a heap about charging options.

Yep, that includes our very own and very popular Myenergi Zappi 7kW and a bunch of info on the best, efficient and most battery-friendly ways to charge your flavour of EV.

You can also read the stories of five everyday Aussies who have jumped on the electric bandwagon with a Nissan LEAF, Tesla X, i-Miev and even an EV farm ute conversion. Yeehaw!

It also covers how to choose and use an e-bike, which, we have to say, are becoming an affordable and viable option for commuters wanting to get off the public transport/stuck in traffic merry-go-round.

In short, this is the mag you should be reading if you have an EV, want an EV, would sell your left kidney for an EV or are just mildly interested. And, just thinking out loud, maybe we should send a copy to each of our EV-downer politicians…

Get one for free. Gratis. No finance needed.

Just click here to go through to our Facebook page, like the post pinned to the top and share it with your mates. Yes, we’re that shallow and we lurve likes.

We’ll get our friendly Jaunt Project mechanic to choose some winners and, if your name has an oil mark next to it, then boss Russ will personally send you a copy of this great read.

If you’re not one of the lucky five, we highly recommend you fork out some cash and buy it anyway. Happy reading!

PS. If you haven’t already done so, we also highly recommend Renew’s 2019 Sustainable Open House Day…

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