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Got a Kona? This one’s for you…

Another day, another call from a client about the best way to charge their new Kona (the lucky guy!).

While Hyundai send you home from the dealership with a granny charger that’s as slow as a wet week, they’re also often recommending a Delta charger which is not the greatest choice for a number of reasons, the main one being it’s just a charger with no variable current control or solar matching (so you can charge using your own power or off-peak tariffs).

Dunno about you, but we reckon a good-looker like the Hyundai Kona deserves a matching charging system that isn’t like your average Tinder date; all looks but no substance. After all, if you’re able to do up to 440kms on a single charge, why not get that range with the most efficient and cost effective EV charging unit?

That’s why we’re recommending Myenergi’s Zappi to those smiley new Kona owners who are blowing up our office phone in their quest for EV charging advice. For under $2k (including fast installation) you get a smarter-than-your-average-robot charging unit that will:

  • ensure you’re always pulling power for your Kona from solar or wind generation, rather than feeding it to the grid

  • operate as a normal 7.4kw charger even if you’re not currently renewables-connected

  • give you a super quick charge at home or at any commercial situation, adding 30-40kms per hour of charge

On top of all that, it’s a neat looking unit that’s easy to have installed anywhere in Australia and New Zealand (before the dealer rings to organise a Kona key hand-over).

Naturally, we can also recommend and supply you with a range of portable cables and adaptors that can get you from point A to point B using a range of Tesla or J1772 charge points on longer distance trips because, you know, that is actually possible despite what our federal pollies are saying <insert eye roll here>

So, for more information about charging your Hyundai Kona with a solar-smart Zappi, you know what to do! We look forward to hearing from all you lucky new Kona drivers…

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