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A New Charging Station in Glen Innes!

Great News! An EV black spot is no more! Glen Innes council have deployed two charging stations near to the visitor centre. We consulted to council on the solution and provisioned the eo charger. There's a 22Kw eo universal EVSE and Tesla Charger.

So what you say? Well, what's interesting is that originally this installation was going to consist of Tesla Only chargers. The council management quickly understood that Tesla isn't the car manufacturer selling EVs in Australia. They wanted to cater for all EV drivers not just those that are able to drop $120k+ on a car, hence the rather smart looking 'Universal' eo charger.

As stated by Ian Trow, from Glen Innes Severn Council:“Electric vehicles are coming and they are coming quite quickly. We expect the uptake over the next few years will be a lot more.”

You can find out more about their new charging station here:

We supply chargers, such as these, to homes, apartments and commercial environments that provide charging for all EVs alike. The electric car industry is on the rise and we need to look at accommodating for everyone for more sustainable and cost effective driving.

The EO Universal 22kw EVSE Electric Vehicle Charger is a flexible solution that allows you to charge any car on the market. It removes the dependency on the charge cable and all you need is your own charge cable to match the car to be charged.

You can shop our Universal Chargers here.

We’d love to hear what you'd like to see more of as the EV market grows.

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