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Introducing Charge-Amps To The Australian Market

Introducing Charge-Amps

We're truly excited to introduce the Charge-Amps products to Australia.

We started EVolution back in 2015 quite by accident, as a way of funding our now legendary Audi E3 electric car conversion build. By selling cost-effective, reliable and safe electric vehicle chargers, we found very quickly that there was little support for local electric vehicle owners when it came to cables, chargers and accessories for their cars. EV owners either had to take a chance with overseas distributors with limited customer service, warranties and support or try and deal with paying exorbitant prices for OEM equipment.

We started with just two products having developed a couple of our own, then started to import premium and well-respected brands which we had strong faith in.

Charge-Amps RAY Australia

Image: Charge-Amps RAY

Where is the Australian Market Going?

We're canvassed, almost on a daily basis, for our opinion on the Aussie EV market. Right now we believe there are two things holding us back… the choice of vehicle and charging infrastructure. It will only take one of these to get us ahead.

To touch on this further, there are no new electric vehicles available in Australia for under $50k. And unless you're willing to drop $120k on a Tesla, DC fast charging stations are few and far between outside of the CBDs. It will only take a small change in uptake for demand (for DC Fast Charging) to increase and for market forces to come into play. The forthcoming Model 3 is a good example of a catalyst, which will undoubtedly transform the electric vehicle landscape in Australia.

EVolution is the premier electric vehicle charger, cable and accessory supplier in Australia and New Zealand. Run from a modest office in Melbourne, with a dedicated team of EV enthusiasts, we offer a genuine nationwide installation service for both commercial and domestic solutions. Different from many other distributors, we perform much of the necessary fabrication, coding and board level design ourselves in-house. Are we proud of this? You bet! Are we obsessed with everything EV? Afraid so!

Why Charge-Amps?

In short, features, robustness and looks. The products Charge-Amps make are pure premium and look very schmick when in use. An extensive feature set includes load management, selectable charge rate and scheduling which will be loved by corporate and domestic customers alike.

Much of the charging hardware available on the market at the moment is bland and boxy. It's like the manufacturers are literally unable to think outside of the box. If you're going to have something prominant installed in your garage or car port, it may as well be attractive and cool and the Charge-Amps products have this in spades. We also love the quality of the physical product as well as the look and feel of the supporting software and apps Charge-Amps produce. No other manufacturer is currently producing a package as complete and as stylish as this at the moment. Just another reason why we’re so extremely proud and excited to be able to partner with Charge-Amps to bring these great products to Australia.

For EVerything EV, all you need is EVolution

If you would like more information about the release of Charge-Amps, please call Zoran at 1300 70 11 99 or email

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