MG ZS EV Charging Guide for Australia & NZ

The best value EV for Australia so far?

MG is looking to change the EV landscape in Australia with their highly cost competitive electric offering set to take on the Hyundai Kona and get EVs into the price range we expect for daily drivers.



The 44.5 kWh battery pack provides power to the single motor which produces up to 110kW, allowing drivers to go from 0-50km/h in 3.1 seconds, advertised for its intended use as a zippy city car. Advertised range is around 300km off a full charge.



Battery Capacity

Plug Type

300 km


Type 2


Solar Charge




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Why the MG ZS EV is so popular in Australia and NZ


...the MG ZS EV does not seek to compete with the other luxury EV offerings, but rather to bring EVs into the price territory that is more accessible to the average driver.


Built on the same platform as the regular petrol ZS, the ZS EV has a clean interior and many standard features you would expect from a modern SUV.

The ZS EV is equipped with a CCS2 Combo /  Type 2 Mennekes connector. The Type 2 Mennekes connector is what’s typically used at home and at destination chargers.


Please note that MG only supplies a slow portable charger with the car, which is fine for charging up overnight, but not so great for top ups in between trips. The large lithium battery in the ZS EV may take up to 24 hours from the standard EVSE or EV Charger.​

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