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Electric car conversions - ICE to EV

Convert classic cars to electric drive

While we no longer offer electric car conversion services, we can point you in the right direction to begin understanding how EV to ICE conversion works.

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Have you ever dreamt about fast, smooth and silent driving in your own bespoke, converted classic electric car?

The luxury cars of our childhood that were loved and admired way back when, are now often dumped and discarded.

It is possible to take classic vehicles that have been gently rusting for too long, clean them up, convert and drive them around the streets of Melbourne once again.

When it comes to electric classic car conversions (or ICE to EV) ... no two vehicles are the same.

While we no longer offer EV conversions, we do offer EV charging solutions- for home and business.

We offer EV charging solutions for:

Join a DIY EV conversion community at the EV Alliance

If you're working on your own conversion and would like to join a community of other EV heads, head over to the EV Alliance, a collective of EV conversion workshops in Australia and New Zealand providing free webinars, online training & live events throughout 2021.

Want to learn more? The EV Alliance has just launched new training! Complete the online Electric Vehicle High Voltage Training course to upskill yourself in preparation for an electric workshop future.


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Imagine the pleasure of driving your old classic vehicle, converted to electric and without the fuel bill, engine noise and emissions smell.

Converting your classic car to electric means you can sit back and enjoy a silent, reliable drive in a vehicle that is completely unique.

As well as a smoother ride, you'll also keep an ear out for whether the original gearbox and/or transfer case was used. Greatly improved performance, reliability and the sense of refinement that comes with a hand-crafted, specialised conversion.

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Our past EV conversion projects...made in Melbourne

How long does an EV conversion take?

The conversion process can take anything from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the type of vehicle, research and development timeand the complexity of the conversion.

While we no longer convert ICE to EV, our most recent bespoke conversion work has been on Land Rovers, Range Rover, Audi and Volkswagen chassis.

How do EV conversions work?

Each project is different, but your EV conversion will look something like this:


Choose your vehicle

Something unique that will be worth more as an electric vehicle than it does now


Source EV components

What battery capacity and range would you like in your new EV?


Restore & RWC

A clean up and roadworthy now creates a smoother on-roading process once converted


Measure, measure

Work out where electric drive components fit and how to protect them


ICE components

Take out everything that will no longer be needed for ICE operation


Test, trial, refine

While the first drive in a converted EV is exciting, there are always tweaks and refinements to do

The big much to convert a car to electric?

Conversions are expensive. For now.

Currently, you can expect to pay from $50,000 AUD for an EV conversion (excluding body restoration). 

This covers conversion project phases of research and development, component fabrication and fitting, and final testing and refinement of the electric drive system.

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Would you like to know more about electric car conversions?

If you're converting your own vehicle and require parts, please view our in-stock conversion products and join our mailing list to keep up to date with the latest livestream chats with people who have carried out conversions we love!

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