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Empowering Education with EV Charging: A Milestone Electric Car Charging Project at Mentone Grammar School

We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of our latest electric car charging project at Mentone Grammar School, marking a significant milestone in education and sustainability. Our team at EVUp partnered with Mentone Grammar School to install ten state-of-the-art AURIGA W EV chargers, all integrated with UpCharge OCPP software to provide comprehensive data on usage patterns and performance.

Responding to the Demand for EV Charging in Schools

The decision to install these chargers came in response to the increasing demands from team members, staff, school teachers and parents alike. As the awareness and adoption of electric vehicles continue to grow, providing convenient charging solutions has become essential. Mentone Grammar recognised this need and took proactive steps to enhance their facilities for the benefit of their community.

Comprehensive Workplace EV Charging Infrastructure

Our turnkey EV charging infrastructure solutions beyond installation, providing end-to-end services, including commissioning, training sessions, and thorough handover procedures. This ensures that not only are chargers seamlessly integrated into the school's infrastructure, but staff are also equipped with the knowledge and tools to utilise them effectively.

Immediate EV Charging Uptake and Usage

The impact of this project was immediate and remarkable. Teachers, parents, and staff at Mentone Grammar embraced the EV chargers enthusiastically, showcasing a rapid uptake and consistent usage. This not only reflects the convenience and practicality of the chargers but also highlights the forward-thinking approach of the school in promoting sustainable transportation options.

Leading the Education Sector With Australian Made Electric Car Chargers

This installation at Mentone Grammar school stands as the largest education-focused deployment of locally made and supported EV chargers in the country, setting a new standard for educational institutions nationwide in driving positive change and embracing innovation.

Easily Add Billing to EV Chargers

With the Mentone school they want to be able to offer EV charging free of charge to the staff but also bill for use when the general public plug in their electric cars on a weekend. With the UpCharge whitelist feature they can do exactly that.

Get in Touch for Your EV Charging Infrastructure Project

Inspired by this success? If you're considering implementing EV charging solutions for your next project or upgrading your existing infrastructure, we're here to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor an EV charging solution to meet your specific needs


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