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This is our favourite BMS unit at the moment.. easy to configure, simple to understand dand unfeasibly reliable. Exactly what you want out of a BMS system.


Technically, Thunderstruck BMS satellites are connected to a BMS controller or MCU via daisy-chain communication networks (isoSPI). Multiple satellites allow monitoring a large number of cells in a pack, with various cell configurations.


Note, a BMS Satellite cannot operate without a controller or and MCU.


The 24-cell satellites contain 2 groups of 12 cells - each an LTC measurement device.


The 18-cell satellite has a single LTC device for 18 cells. A minimum of 4 cells must be connected to any single LTC device. A wide variety of pack layouts and cell counts can be accommodated in this way.


Examples of BMS controllers from Thunderstruck are the BMSC (BMS Controller) and the MCU (Master Control Unit).


- The MCU cannot manage cells alone, but connects to either 24-cell or 18-cell satellites to manage as many as 288 cells in a pack.

PLEASE NOTE this item may be subject to custom ordering.


We exclusively use these units on all of our builds including the Delorean - and the LandCruiser,


BMS Manual


MCU Manual

Thunderstruck BMS Satellite Module Up to 24 Cells

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