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Fleet EV Charging Solutions

Future-proof and scalable fleet EV charging solutions tailored to your business operation. Big or small, discover how we support more fleets with their transition to EVs.

Migrate to a green electric fleet with our Australian made chargers and software.

Get help setting up your electric vehicle fleet from an established Australian team of EV Experts.​ We offer a range of cost efficient workplace EV charging options including scalable electric vehicle fleet charging solutions.

Our corporate charging solutions include locally developed and maintained software, a range of Australian made commercial EV charging stations and expert consultation on how to best electrify your fleet.

We offer customised commercial solutions, from bulk EV charging services to small scale fleet charging.

We're the only EV network to offer Aussie designed and manufactured AC charging options.  

Looking for EV charging for business? 

I'm in the right HQ

Case Study: 
I'm in the Right

We recently completed an EV charging installation for I’m In The Right HQ in Sydney for their staff fleet of EVs, and are in the process of expanding EV charging to all of their corporate sites around Australia, and are working with them to ensure that their rapidly growing offering of customer hire electric vehicles stay charged up too.

EVolution offers a complete turnkey fleet solution from consult to install, training and handover. UpCharge Software makes it easy to have complete visibility of both vehicle / driver usage and building consumption, essential for both fleet and facilities managers.

Here’s what Michael from I’m in the Right had to say about the project-

"We initially opted for electric vehicles for our staff fleet to save on FTB, but our EV range for customers has since expanded rapidly with growing demand.

The service at EVup has been great and the chargers do exactly what they're designed to do."

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UpCharge by EVUp: The Ultimate Fleet Charging Solution

The UpCharge Fleet Charging solution is your all-in-one electric car charging infrastructure. Powerful, beautiful and Australian-developed, it seamlessly blends into your facility with a stunning design that complements any environment. With an intuitive UI, it is easy to manage and features that cater to both facility and fleet managers, it is the most comprehensive charging solution in the market today.

Upcharge basic.jpg
EVUp Upcharge
Site Owners

We have an App for that.

You’re not alone if you realise that switching to sustainable transport isn’t just about installing electric car chargers in the ground and ordering the latest small SUV from a local dealership. 

It’s no wonder more fleet managers are considering e-fleets with questions such as:

  • When should we diversify our fleet to include electric vehicles (EVs) and PHEVs (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

  • What is the most cost-efficient way to charge our fleet?

  • Can EV chargers be located both onsite and at the homes of staff members?

  • How can we keep track of the chargers for electricity reimbursements?

This is where our intuitive Upcharge Fleet Software comes into play. Watch the video to learn how it works.

Want to track energy usage both on premise and away? Across multiple vehicles?

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Here are the quality outcomes you can expect from us 



Fleet EV Charging



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Fleet EV Charging


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