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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Box enables a pure electric mode (EV-mode) when ECO mode is on. The ECO button is missing EV button now. No problems with warranty - undetectable by dealer. This external added ECU uses original Mitsubishi plugs. It can be installed within minutes, with no car alteration nor modification. A just plug-and-play box that gives you following enhancements:

  • pure EV mode up to 130 km/h - no gasoline engine (ICE) starting when full throttle
  • saves about 10% of gasoline in hybrid mode
  • perfect to mantain long life of battery
  • less cold starts of ICE in winter (with ICEheaterStop option)
  • in ECO mode, the range of the car is extended (about 8%)
  • pedal accuracy is highly improved. In ECO mode 100% of pedal position = 100% of EV power (60kW), linear from zero. Really smooth drive is possible.
  • predictable starting of ICE by PHEV ECU is switched off
  • full car power of EV + ICE is always available at once, (for overtaking, etc), when kick-down activated
  • Charge, Save buttons work as usual, but ECO button is now EV button
  • In NORMAL mode, the car is permitted to use ICE (gasoline), but throttle characteristics is improved to reduce accidental ICE starting. In ECO mode, the car is not permitted to use ICE, except kick-down or speed of 130+ km/h
  • Optional: ICEheaterStop optional module enables full electric heating of cabin in most weather & temperature conditions. Gasoline engine will start only if it is cold, consumption of fuel for heating will be reduced by 70% (average).
    Explanation: There are three different channels (triggers) that can cause ICE to start: heating of cabin (that we reduce with ICEheatStop), preheating of oil/engine in winter to avoid demolishing engine by rapid full power demand while frozen, and finally - traction power demand. 
    ICEheatStop blocks usage of ICE for cabin heating, ICE Ecu still may preheat ICE oil without any load (and without electricity production) for 30 sec - 2 min (depends on external temperature). Fuel consumption for that preheating is very low - much lower than when an engine is additionally loaded with a power generator to speed up ICE->cabin heating.



1. What modelyears and versions of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is PHEV Box compatible?

All. It does not matter if it is first (up to 2015) or second gen (2016+) of PHEV. The only difference is for using „ICEheaterStop” option in cars, where there is no electric heater.

2. Can it be detected by the dealer/car manufacturer?

No. There is no risk for warranty as it is undetectable.

3. Is that difficult to install PHEV Box?

No. You can do that within few minutes, without any car modification. Box uses factory plugs.

4. Is there any risk for battery?

No. Battery works with same maximum current as designed by factory. In fact, smoother power control and low speed reduced energy drain in ECO mode helps battery to be more durable (and thus - increases range). Using box is good for battery life.

5. Is the range increased?

Yes. You will observe up to 8% better range in pure EV mode. This is caused by more sophisticated and precise electric power applying. Battery is not drained to lower level, than factory designed (around 30% of real capacity).

6. Is there any gasoline saving in hybrid mode?

Yes. Because of re-programmed throttle curve, you will notice better mileage. Difference depends on style of driving, but is easily noticeable. 

7. What is „ICEheaterStop” option?

ICEheaterStop optional connector samples internal temperature of the cabin and by controlling load demand for ICE it massively reduces ICE starts for heating in cold weather. Gasoline engine will work less than 30% of time, that it was working before. In many cases it won't start at all. It is especially efficient if you commute – you will notice huge fuel savings. It is easy to install, no car modification is needed.

8. Can I add ICEheaterStop later?

Yes, all PHEV Boxes have port to connect ICEheaterStop optional unit.

9. Is that legal to use PHEV Box or ICEheaterStop option?

As there are no car permanent modifications, modifications of power, emissions, safety – there are no reasons for such solutions to be illegal (like for car alarms or other additional equipment).

10. I have another question concerning PHEV Box

Contact us via support chat.

11. Do they have certification?

Yes, CE approval, E20 10R-03 2680

Outlander PHEV box

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