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The NRGkick portable EV charger or EVSE is quite possibly the most versatile EV charger on the market.– more than a Wallbox


Ideal for your home as well as on the go, the NRGkick can be used as an electric car charger at home but then taken with you to charge your EV in public.


With NRGkick your wallbox has moved from your housewall into the charging cable.


Easy operability combined with high performance already convinced thousands of customers. . In addition to the top quality of the product, NRGkick provides many optional Smart Feature possibilities.


See here for an overview of the app - 


Due to its flexibility, NRGkick makes every power source accessible for your electric vehicle and gets everything out for you, up to 22 kW charging power. Designed to give you unlimited flexibility – charge. fast. anywhere.


This is THE charging solution EV owners have all been waiting for, a genuinely portable 3 phase 22KW EVSE with adaptors for every occasion and Bluetooth connectivity.  So yes, you can now take advantage of all the 3 phase 22Kw sockets commonly found in factories and industrial areas.


Furthermore, this unit can be used with all the sockets installed by the AEVA and Tesla owners club of Australia electric highway around Australia.


The unit can be controlled and monitored by a bluetooth app which keeps you informed on the charging progress. The unit can be connected to single phase or three phase power and the charge current can be adjusted from 6 to 32 amps across all three phases. Very cool indeed!


The EVSE further has a delay timer which will enable you to take advantage of off peak tariffs or peak renewable generation.


The unit can be supplied with  Australian 32A 3 Phase Round 5 pin plug, Australian 32A Single Phase 3 pin plug and single phase 15 amp .


You may also need to install a dedicated electric circuit which we can quote you on.


It is RCM and Electrical Safety compliant where most overseas products are not and if so you are not insured.



  • Portable EV Electric Car Charger (EVSE)
  • Selectable Charge Rate between 6 to 32 amps across three phases
  • Level 2 Charging at up to 32 amps (or 22kw) Charging – Much quicker than EVSEs usually supplied with EVs by Mitsubishi, BMW, Holden, Hyundai, Renault etc
  • Up to 22kw charging rate or approx. 120km of range per hour
  • Delayed Start (1 to 5 hours)
  • Selectable charge maximum
  • Detailed charging information and control via the Smart app
  • 5 meters cable length 
  • Premium and robust product 
  • Multiple connection pigtails - from 15 amp and 32 amp single phase and 32 amp three phase
  • RCM and Electrical Safety compliant – Most overseas products are not!
  • IEC 62727 compliant
  • Excellent value compared to main dealer offerings
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Auto Charging recovery (in the event of power disruption) 
  • Over Current protection 
  • Select from CEE Commando plug, Australian 32 Amp Round (3 pin, single phase) plug or Australian 32 Amp 3P (Three Phase Round 5 Pin) Plug – See pictures for reference.
  •  Type 2 (Mennekes) Connector

Why Buy From Us?

  • Fast and Free Shipping to anywhere in Australia and NZ *min order $99
  • ​3 Years  Warranty on most products
  • ​Nationwide Installation Coverage
  • ​100% Australian Owned – Support Us to Support Other Locals
  • ​100% Positive Testimonials and Feedback
  • ​Expert, relevant and local support
  • ​​Responsible Supplier (ERAC Registered)
  • ​All products in stock ready for dispatch
  • ​All products RCM and NZ Worksafe compliant

If you need installation of a suitable electric circuit just fill in the form here:

NRGKick 22Kw Portable EV Charger / EVSE

  • The unit is compatible with all EVs that use the Type 2 / Mennekes connector as listed below.

    BMW i3, BMW i3s BMW 330e, BMW X5 xDrive40e,
    Chevrolet Bolt
    Fiat 500e
    Ford Focus Electric
    Hyundai Ioniq
    Hyundai Kona
    Jaguar I-Pace
    Kia Soul EV
    Nissan Leaf,
    Mercedes Benz C350 e,
    Mercedes Benz B250 e,
    Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
    Porsche Panamera Hybrid,
    Renault Zoe
    Renault Kangoo ZE
    Renault Fluence ZE

    Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model X
    Volvo XC90 T8,
    VW Golf GTE,
    VW Golf E

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