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What is an AC EV charger?

If you’re an EV driver – or want to be – you’ve probably noticed a whole lot of words and terms get thrown around when talking about charging…but what do they all mean?

We thought we’d cover off a range of topics around EV charging, starting with AC or Alternating Current electric vehicle charging.

AC level 2 electric vehicle chargers are among the most common units you’ll find in public, and almost always the unit you’ll see in private homes, shopping centres and workplaces.

This is because they are the easiest to install and, as they are weather resistant, they’re perfect indoor and outdoor chargers.

However, before we explain how they work, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at DC charging.

The difference between AC and DC electric car charging

Electric cars actually require DC power to charge the battery pack; this is why DC charging is faster - the power is fed directly to the battery.

When using an AC charging unit, the power travels through your car’s onboard converter to change it from AC to DC power, which then charges up the battery pack.

This means AC charging is slower than DC (and slower charging is better for your EV battery (but more on that in another blog post!).

Depending on your electric car’s on-board charger, AC charging can take from 4 hours to over 12 hours to charge your car fully.

This is because, varying by brand, cars have different on-board charging rates, be it for cost, weight, or space reasons.

AC electric car charging

Why install an AC charger at your home or workplace?

Cost effective to purchase and easy to install, AC electric car chargers are also simple to use and perfect for places where you’ll be spending some time, such as shopping centres, cinemas or the gym.

However, not all AC chargers are created equal. The EV-driving team at EVolution Australia have used hundreds of AC chargers over the years and we have had disappointing encounters with under-powered, poorly located or unserviceable AC EV charge stations.

That’s why we use and install high-quality AC charging products…and recommend you do too.

We know the key to a great electric vehicle experience is the ability to easily charge your car up; it not only means you’ll share your experience, but help drive electric vehicle uptake in Australia and New Zealand.

Reliable, robust and Aussie-made AC charging

If you’ve been looking for a reliable AC electric car charger for your workplace or public charging, we’d like to introduce you to the AURIGA.

Our personal experience, as well as feedback from clients over the years we’ve been installing EV charging, led us to design and manufacture the AURIGA AC charging unit, right here in Australia.

If you’re a community group looking at installing EV charging, the AURIGA is a great unit to take to your local Council – you can learn more about the Buninyong Sustainability Group’s EV journey here.

And, if you have any questions about electric car charging using an AC unit, please give us a call!

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