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Did someone say Giger?

One of the greatest things about owning an Electric Vehicle in Australia is the common occurrence of 3 phase 400v electricity in industrial areas, camping grounds, and even homes. These three phase power supplies are capable of supporting up to 22kW of power, so you and your car can juice up quickly. Unfortunately, most EVs are unable to utilise this 3-phase power and therefore cannot benefit from its speeds and output. That’s where Evolution Australia’s Giger Portable Three Phase Electric Car Charger comes in, allowing you to connect your EV to three phase power with ease!

So what is the Giger?

Glad you asked! The Giger is a versatile connector that bridges the gap between 5 pin 3-phase chargers and your vehicle. Equipped with a Type 2 / Mennekes connector, the Giger can connect to a wide range of vehicles including the Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan LEAF, and the Tesla Model 3 type 2. (You can see the full list under compatibility here).

Additional features include:

- Connecting to single phase or three phase power and can be adjusted for charge currents from 6 to 32 amps across all three phases. - Equipped with an LCD screen showing all your power and charge data, this allows you to charge your car optimally and understand all the information and power involved.

- Includes a delay timer which can be enabled to help you charge your car at the right time, allowing you to take advantage of off-peak tariffs or peak renewable generation.

Lastly, the Giger can be used with all the sockets installed by the AEVA and Tesla owners club of Australia electric highway, so you can travel around Australia with this portable EV charger. Alice Springs here we come! If you need to find out where you can charge, the PlugShare app shows over 270 3 phase plugs in Australia for you to use.

Priced at AU$1,395.00, the Giger Portable 3 Phase Charger is incredibly reasonable and combined with its versatility of 1 and 3 phase charging, the Giger allows for your car to utilise all types of power output at the best possible price.

You can buy the Giger Portable EVSE EV Charger HERE of watch a video of the Giger in use!

Written by Tom Staveley


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