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Solar-connected EV charging for commercial sites

It's no secret that we love the Zappi V2 three phase EV charger for home use. But how does it stack up for commercial sites?

As well as being one of the best ways to use your onsite solar or wind power generation, this nifty piece of tech is perfect for business locations, from wineries to shopping centres, caravan parks to vineyards.

By hooking up your self-generated power, you can provide free charging to visiting EV drivers. Better yet, EV drivers will choose your location over your competitors because you can provide a fast, free, clean and green charge up!

Not only will the zappi charge a car up to 3 x faster than the charger supplied with most electric cars, you can also choose one of three modes - fast, eco and eco+ - to choose how you supply power for EV charging. This ensures customers can access speedy power when they need it, while also being incredibly eco conscious.

Zappi will adjust the rate of charge to match the solar or wind energy output you are receiving in real time, so if your solar array is producing any level of energy, the zappi will charge vehicles at that exact rate, assuring efficiency and no loss of power.

But what if it’s a stormy day and my solar output is absolutely zero? The zappi still charges, by connecting to grid power like any regular wall or pedestal mounted charger, no matter the conditions.

Other features that guarantee effective use include robust and reliable materials rated for Australian weather conditions, as well as remote control and monitoring options, making this charger intuitive and prepared for commercial spaces.

This wall or pedestal mounted charging station regularly occurs in homes across Australia, but we think the possibilities for the Zappi as a commercial solar charger have been overlooked, until now!

So, if you have solar or wind power at your commercial site and would like to encourage EV tourism, you should consider the 22kW zappi, a powerful and ecofriendly charging solution for your commercial space.

We're proud to be the Aussie home of the myenergi zappi! Check out this page for more, or give us a call to order your zappi EV charger!


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