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MG ZS EV - Australia's most affordable EV?

It’s been a bit of a wait, but finally pre-orders for the MG ZS EV are now open in Australia!

Only the third all-electric vehicle to hit Australian roads to be priced around $50k, the MG ZS EV SUV is the first entirely electric vehicle on offer by MG.

This compact SUV is designed to give you the convenience of space and the sustainability of an electric vehicle, while still being affordable, coming in at $46,999 drive away.

This front wheel drive has a real-world average range of around 240km; while that's lower than many of the more expensive EV models, it's still plenty of range for a daily commute, or a trip away for the weekend (check out public charging locations with our partner company EVUp).

What's exciting about this vehicle is that it's one of the lowest price points for a family-sized EV, competitively priced with its rivals like the Nissan LEAF and the Hyundai Ioniq.

Charging-wise, the MG ZS EV has an array options for you to choose from. The MG ZS EV uses the CCS charging standard, with an inlet port designed to accommodate both Type 2 AC and DC fast charging. Due to its small 44.5kWh 105kw lithium ion battery, you can reach a 0-80% charge in about 40 minutes when plugged into a DC fast charging station, and can be charged in your home using a household 240v plug or a smart, solar-connected charging unit such as the myenergi zappi.

The zappi is a smart little charger runs off your renewable energy sources and comes with an array of setups, designed to make charging at home more sustainable, clean and green!

The MG ZS EV is on the horizon, and its approaching fast. With its spacious interior that includes a colour touch screen and six speaker surround sound audio, this SUV comfortably seats five in style.

Equipped with rapid charging capabilities, driver assistance technology, reverse park sensors, and three drive modes to choose from, this model is packed full of tech for a modern electric drive, at a reasonable price.

Australian pre-orders for the MG ZS EV start November, so the new MG could be in your hands before you know it.

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