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Is The Renault Zoe Z.E. "The New Best Thing"?

The Renault Zoe Z.E. is a relatively new electric car, having been introduced to the Australian/NZ market in 2017. With it's appeal driving range of approximately 300 kilometres, the Zoe is designed for urban and city driving. It is powered by 66-kilowatt AC synchronous motor functioning, on energy stored in a lithium-ion battery packs.


The Zoe is unique for its small, but still very practical features, with hot hatch performance, five-doors, five-passenger body shell and DC Fast charging, it is setup to be the only car in the household. It slots itself into the very popular small hatch segment and is a highly practical car. Thanks to the Zoe, electric cars are about to go mainstream!

Elena Woods, Senior Model Line Manager for Electric Vehicles at Renault Australia, stated “ZOE is Renault’s innovative, chic and frankly revolutionary battery-electric supermini.”

Although, the Zoe has been pumping out sales overseas, it it currently only available to government and fleet managers to purchase. If you live in NSW they’re listed on the Renault website at $49,490 for the Zoe Life model and $50,990 for the Zoe Intense (Life+) model. If your interested, you can register your interest here:

EV customer Peter's Zoe Z.E. at home charging.

Peter was one of the first Renault ZOE Z.E. owners and we got the chance to hear his thoughts, see our Q&A with Peter here:


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