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Innovative e-ATV vehicle for the Australian Defence Force: a one-of-a-kind project

We have some exciting news!

EVolution Australia has been working alongside the Defence Science & Technology Group (DSTG) to plan, design and build a world-leading electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV) prototype for the Australian Defence force. This has been in the works for some time and we are glad to finally present the result of everyones hard work, the e-ATV.

We are incredibly proud of the opportunity to work alongside the Defence force on this project, the outcome of which the world has never seen before. EV conversions are an emerging sector, and we hope that this project shows the potential behind Electric Vehicles.

The e-ATV is a unique conversion taking a Diesel ATV and turning it into an all-electric vehicle, prioritising stealth, and manoeuvrability above all else.

One key feature that separates this design from a conventional electric ATV is the individually powered wheels, meaning the vehicle can navigate and retreat from dangerous situations with one of its wheels damaged. This unit has an AC induction 50kW rear motor with dual 10,000W motors for independent front-wheel drive.

For those interested, this vehicle has a top speed of 60km/h and has a range of between 150-200kms, all powered by the custom-designed 24kWh LifePro battery pack. With regenerative braking and independent all-wheel drive, the e-ATV is designed to output the best, even in the worst of situations.

Perks of a fully electrified vehicle align incredibly well with the need for stealth in the field. The reduced noise and heat signature of the vehicle is perfect for covert operations and the ability to be charged at any power outlet means the e-ATV can be used and stored anywhere with a conventional power plug.

The vehicle also has exportable 240v power, useful for powering tools and equipment. Essentially, on top of its use as a scouting and stealth vehicle, it operates as a portable power station in a pinch.

This vehcile is pinnacle of what we have done in the terms of EV conversions. It wasn't an easy project but,

“We’re extremely proud of this rewarding outcome. The e-ATV is by far the coolest project we’ve worked on and we’re very grateful to the DSTG for partnering with our leading Australian-owned conversion business in this exciting emerging sector.” -Russ Shepherd, Director of EVolution

A lot of time and effort was put into this project and it would be amiss to not thank every last person involed for the hard work that has contributed. Alot of incredible mind and hand made this whole thing possible.


We don't only do conversions for the Australian Defence Force, however! We also offer professional EV conversions and can work along side you to convert your dream vehicle.

Our new EV conversion website just launched. Check out the Electric Car Cafe for all your conversion equiries and keep updated about what's happening over on our @electriccarcafe Facebook page.


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