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Giger vs Juice Booster 2 - Let's dive in!

One of the greatest ways to charge your EV in Australia involves 3 phase charging, but not all cars can use 3 phase charging alone. That’s where portable adapter cables come in, allowing the wide variety of type 2 cars to use 3 phase charging, including the Nissan LEAF, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Ioniq, and Tesla Model 3 type 2.

Two of the leading Portable EVSE 3 phase chargers used in Australia are the GIGER and the Juice Booster 2. While similar in function, these two units vary in price and quality. We are here today to find which cable is right for you. Let's dive in to the Giger vs Juice Booster 2!

We will start with a positive, both models allows for you to connect to both 1 and 3 phase power for charging your vehicle, allowing access to power ranging from 6 to 32 amps across all three phases of power. However, the Juice Booster 2, does have a limitation due to the European equipment inside, when connected to Australian 20A 3-phase sources it can only harness 16A 3-phase power.

Secondly, both the GIGER and the Juice Booster 2 offer displays to inform you of your charge, but can you guess which one is much more superior? The Juice unit uses a screen system with LEDs to control your Amp input, whereas the GIGER has an LCD screen displaying all your information about charging, including the aforementioned amp input as well as duration of charge, temperature, and voltage of the connection.

Now let's compare market prices for the GIGER vs the Juice Booster 2, as this can be somewhat shocking. The Juice Booster comes in at a whopping $2,200 AUD whereas the GIGER is priced at a much more reasonable $1,395 AUD, possibly due to the Giger’s Aussie origin opposed to the Juice Booster 2’s imported unit.

So, all in all, what do you get for a higher price? Not very much...

The Juice Booster brags a more durable unit that can withstand being run over, important yes, but worth over an $800 increase in market price? Not really. Alternatively, for a much lower price the GIGER provides similar function and still includes a durable casing and cable to protect from the possible harsh elements of Aussie charging.

Overall, both of these unit are brilliant options and are incredibly comparable when the price is not considered, but at over $800 difference in difference, the GIGER EVSE charger becomes the ultimate option for 3 phase portable charging for the Australian EV driver.

You can find out more about the GIGER Portable Three Phase Electric Car Charger here.

If you have anything to add about the Giger vs Juice Booster 2, we'd love to hear your thoughts or experience!

Written by: Tom Staveley

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