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EV help for bushfire recovery

Recent bushfires across many states of Australia have been devastating for our country.

The statistics are horrific; many millions of animals dead, properties lost and the loss of many lives, including a number of Australian and American firefighters working hard to protect life and property.

As Victoria - the Evolution Australia team's home state - moves into the recovery period, our social media pages are full of encouragement for people to visit and stay in fire-affected towns and communities, to spend money and help them rebuild their local retail and tourism businesses.

We'd like your help to lend a hand to one or two businesses so they can attract members of the EV community.

We've teamed up with Gippsland Solar, who are heading up remote and off-grid power supply installations in East Gippsland, to find business owners who would like EV charging installed at their tourism or hospitality venue.

EV charging collection point

Our Melbourne HQ is a collection point for any unwanted, brand new (in box) EV chargers or wall units that you don't want or need. Please note that the cable or unit must be brand new for safety compliance reasons.

All you have to do is contact us and we'll pay for you to post it to us from anywhere in Australia. It will then be passed along to Gippsland Solar who will arrange installation of wall units.

What kind of EV charging equipment are we after?

Maybe you're a Tesla owner who received a HWPC unit for home use, but have installed an alternative unit. Or maybe you have a portable cable for three phase power that you don't need.

If you can help out, please contact me on 0409 040 499 or or via our Facebook page for more details.

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