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Electric vehicles ready to rev at North Central CMA

We're delighted to have worked with the Northern Central Catchment Management Authority at the end of 2019 to help them charge their growing electric fleet.

Media release:

As part of its desire to show leadership across the government sector and within the local community, the North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has added three new electric vehicle charge points to their depot.

The monitored GARO Wallbox charge points will ensure a fast and efficient charge for the North Central CMA’s fleet of full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Renewable power will be supplied to the electric vehicles from the CMA’s 50KW solar system.

The charge points are compatible with every electric vehicle currently on the market in Australia, can add 30-40kms of range for every hour connected and are managed using an online portal that controls charge and usage rates.

“We have a desire to do more than just limit our carbon emissions, but to show leadership across the sector, and these chargers are a key part of that strategy,” CMA Corporate Services Executive Manager Adam Woods said.

“Not only have we committed to electric or hybrid vehicles where we can, but we want to promote their use, and show the community what an easy alternative they are to the combustion engine.

“About half of all cars sold in Australia are fleet cars, so there’s a real opportunity for fleet managers, especially in all levels of government, to make a real difference.”

Supplied and installed by EV charging infrastructure company EVolution Australia, the charge points will be available for public use, as well as for the CMA’s electric vehicles.

“We know that easy charging is key to efficient and enjoyable electric vehicle driving, so we’re delighted to partner with the NCCMA on this project,” said EVolution Australia director Russ Shepherd.

“Working with forward thinking organisations such as the NCCMA is also about educating people about electric vehicles, as it puts to rest concerns about the range of EVs and how easy they are to charge up,” he said.

“Additionally, every product sold by EVolution is now part of a closed loop e-waste recycling program, so in the event these units are damaged they won’t enter landfill.”

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Radford (North Central CMA) on 0409720610.

Russ Shepherd (EVolution) on 0424 047 596

EVolution Australia are electric vehicle charging infrastructure specialists, innovators and advocates, supporting the transition to zero-emission transport in Australia and New Zealand for cleaner cities, a better planet and a brighter future.


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