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Juniper's electric vehicle conversion...the preparation

How do you convert an ICE to EV?

Step 1: Lots and lots (and lots) of prepwork.

In this great little video, Dave from Jaunt Motors talks about the work that's been done behind the scenes by the EVolution team to get Juniper ready for her very first electric drive.

Obviously, there are a heap of questions our engineering and fabrication team have to answer before we arrive at J-Day...Juniper's first drive as an electric vehicle. So, before she even arrived at our EV conversion workshop, we've been measuring, tinkering and fitting mock-up components to a similar long-wheel base Landy which will eventually become the third EV in the Jaunt fleet.

Dave goes into the nuts and bolts (no pun intended) of how the conversion will be achieved. Including some answers to the practical questions around making a 1971 vehicle ergonomically comfortable and safe for modern drivers.

For instance, how should the dash switches and controls be placed and configured for drivers? Should we update and modernise the windscreen wiper controls or keep the clunky old switch? How will anyone born after 1985 know that flicking the 'side head' switch puts the headlights on?

Most importantly, how do we protect the battery bank from beneath, side and above impacts and damage while Juniper is merrily bumping along dirt tracks?

But, we reckon the most interesting question of all is; did the EV industry design the shape and size of EV charging plugs to almost perfectly match the traditional petrol / diesel inlet, or is it a fluke?!

There's more about Jaunt here on our website and please follow our Facebook page to keep up with progress.

If you have questions about the Jaunt Project, or would like to bring your group in to the workshop for a look around, please give us a call!

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