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Can I afford an EV? How to save on upfront purchase.

In the past, buying an electric vehicle may have seemed out of reach for anyone other than an eco-conscious business or lottery millionaire.

However, as EV tech improves and costs start to fall, we’ll soon see price parity with the newer models of internal combustion engine cars you grew up with.

In fact, we reckon that’ll happen here in Australia within the first half of this decade.

Can’t wait that long to buy an EV?

Well, why not consider creating yourself a community of like-minded EV enthusiasts and starting a bulk buy EV scheme?

These affordable purchasing schemes mean electric vehicles are becoming an option for a wider Australian audience.

Often focusing on low-kilometre second-hand EVs, there are a number of companies popping up around Australia who are actively looking for communities keen to encourage zero-tailpipe emissions in their neighbourhoods.

With their first scheme now underway in Tasmania, The Good Car Company bulk buy EV scheme attracted over 20 people ready and willing to put their cash down on well cared for ‘grey import’ vehicles from Japan, usually the ever reliable and brilliant to drive Gen 1 Nissan LEAF.

Based in Sydney, Good Motive are also working on strategic partnerships with dealers and importers to bring the greatest savings to their bulk buy members.

Essentially, a bulk buying group creates a community of people who can collectively approach a seller/s for a bulk or fleet discount.

The Good Car Company - A great quality EV for less than a $20k

Starting at low prices of under $20,000, bulk buying groups can access a range of vehicles, such as the Renault ZOE, Nissan LEAF, Hyundai Ioniq and Hyundai Kona. The Good Car Company and Good Motive will also help you understand vehicle lifespan and past use, so you know exactly how your car and its battery will perform.

Getting involved in a bulk buy electric vehicle scheme is an affordable and positive step forward to mitigating your carbon transport emissions, getting to zero particulate emissions and lowering fuelling costs.

Electric cars can save a driver on average $1,500 on fuel costs a year, so even though the upfront of an electric vehicle may be higher, there are significant savings over the lifetime of the car.

The additional benefit of taking part in a bulk buy EV scheme is creating a new community of people with whom you can share your electric car journey with.

So, if you’ve been looking for an affordable path to electric driving join a growing group of eco-conscious Aussie drivers creating a bulk buy community!

If you have anything to add about this topic, or have any questions of your own, be sure to let us know!

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