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2020's Top Ten Best EVs!

As 2020 comes to a close, we have seen all the Australian market has to offer for electric vehicles, so we want to answer the question “What are the top 10 EVs of 2020?”

We will be ranking vehicles on three factors, their real-world range, their price, and quite frankly, how cool they are! It may not be a scientific analysis, but we think these 3 things will accurately represent the vehicles available on the market today, so without further ado, the Top 10 EVs in 2020

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is arguably the most prestigious brand in the EV sector and it’s no lie to say they have been innovators in the field, but do their cars still hold up to 2020 standards?

We are hunting affordable cars here so we will be talking about their newly reduced vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. This car comes in three models, the Standard Range Plus, the Long Range, and the Performance variant.

Starting at $68,425 and ending at $92,425 before on-road costs, Tesla's are definitely not cheap, but with their price tags comes performance. Looking at the Standard Range Plus model its estimated range sits at 423kms, the third-highest range on our top 10 list, and if you upgrade to the Long Range model, it blows all our other cars out of the water with an estimated range of 620km! That’s incredible for an EV. These great numbers combined with the undeniable desirability of the Tesla brand cements the Model 3 as one of 2020s Top 10 EVs.

Range: 1st/ 3rd

Cost: 7th

Cool: 2nd


Next up is the newly released fully electric vehicle by MG, the ZS EV. This car recently shook the market when it became the cheapest available EV in Australia with a reasonable price tag of $40,990 before on-road fees. That’s just under $8000 dollars cheaper than our second cheapest candidate the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, incredible.

The MG ZS EV has a real work range of about 260km, so not fantastic but comparable to other vehicles on the market like the Nissan Leaf.

As far as style is concerned, this car is definitely more function over fashion but the increasing trend in cheaper EVs does make this car cool in our eyes, this a correct step forward in affordable EVs and we love it!

Range: 8th

Cost: 1st

Cool: 5th

Mini Electric

It’s no denying that Mini make come very cool vehicles and the Mini Electric is no exception. This compact little vehicle is going to turn some heads on the road with its unique style but it does have some drawbacks.

This is the worst car on the list for range, with an estimated real-world of 233kms, outlining that this is a car designed for the city and short travel, which isn’t always a bad thing. Price-wise, we're looking at an utterly respectable $54,8000 before on-road costs, a very average price for EVs in 2020.

The Mini Electric is definitely not for everyone, this is evident with its range issues but at EVolution we believe the Mini Electric is the coolest EV on the road right now, if at times impractical.

Range: 10th

Cost: 5th

Cool: 1st

BMW i3

BMW are a powerful name in the car market, and this holds true for their fully electric i3 as well, but unfortunately, some cars don’t live up to their expectations.

The i3 has an expected real-world range of 260km and a price of $70,900 before on-road costs, so not an incredible performance for what you’re buying, but this car is truly a unique specimen that you either love or hate, and if you’re commuting in a city, it might be perfect for you.

Owning a BMW alone makes this car pretty cool but it does look a little bit like the “robot car of the future” as seen in old movies and for this reason, its pretty low on our list of fashionable rides.

Range: 8th

Cost: 8th

Cool: 10th

Jaguar I-pace

Okay, we all know it, Jaguars are attractive, but they are often unobtainable due to price, and this is still true of the I-pace.

The I-Pace has a real-world range of 470kms which is incredible but with it comes a hefty price tag of $128,248 and that’s a lot of money!

Excluding price, this car performs well in our rankings as has the highest range on our list depending on if we consider the Model 3 Long Range or not. It's also incredibly desirable and it's one of the coolest cars here today but at that price, if you’re looking for a cool car and the range to go along with it, the Model 3 Long Range might serve you better.

Range: 1st/2nd

Cost: 10th

Cool: 3rd

Audi e-tron

Next up is our second most expensive vehicle on the list, the Audi e-tron. This car is comparable in price to the Jaguar I-pace but might be more convenient for Aussie drivers while still being desirable.

The e-tron has a real-world range of 313kms and a price of $123,822 before on-road costs, so not a great price to range ratio but it does have the upside of space, sitting at the top end of SUVs on this list.

If you’re looking for an SUV and are willing to spend cash, this car is definitely a cool option, but it might be a little unjustifiable due to its demanding price tag.

Range: 5th

Cost: 9th

Cool: 6th

Renault ZOE

Next up is Renault’s fully electric subcompact car the ZOE. This little thing may not be the coolest car out there, but it is a great little commuter’s car.

The ZOE has an estimated real-world range of 317km and a cost of $49,490 before on-road costs. This car can really travel and as one of the cheapest cars on our list, hitting below the mark of 50k, it’s an intriguing option when shopping for an EV.

It is a little bit of a company car in our eyes so it may not be the coolest on the list but really, we all know that coolness doesn’t really matter that much when you’re looking for an affordable EV that will get the job done well. The Renault Zoe will be a reliable little car for those who want it and probably deserves more attention in the EV market.

Range: 4th

Cost: 3rd

Cool: 9th

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a car on a lot of people’s radars as both affordable and comfortable but is it outclassed by similar competitors?

The Nissan Leaf has a real-world range of about 270km and a price tag of $49,990 before on-road costs. This car also hits that below 50k range that many potential EV owners like to stick to; the Nissan Leaf is affordable when compared to the rest of this list, but it certainly does have competition. For a much cheaper price you could be driving MG’s new ZS EV that has rather similar range statistics.

The Nissan Leaf has been on the market now for 10 years, so they are known as a reliable EV and their prevalence and experience in the scene as a vehicle that ushered the age of electric driving is pretty cool, but, the Nissan Leaf might be outclassed by new competitors.

Range: 7th

Cost: 4th

Cool: 7th

Hyundai KONA Electric

The Hyundai KONA Electric is popular and there is a good reason for it. Apart from a few recent issues, the KONA is an incredibly desirable car on today’s EV market.

With a real-world range of 450km and a price tag of $60,740 before on-road costs, it sits in the middle of price on our list but has a fantastic range. The Hyundai KONA is desirable in the same way the Audi e-tron is while being under half the price which is nothing to scoff at. This car is an incredible choice if you are looking for space and range, a great SUV that EV drivers people will be able to afford.

It may look a little bulky but there is no denying that if you’re keen for an SUV this one brings looks and performance in an affordable package. If we were choosing one vehicle to be the “best” in 2020, the Hyundai KONA Electric would be a serious contender.

Range: 2nd

Cost: 6th

Cool: 4th

Hyundai Ioniq

And finally, the Hyundai Ioniq. We tried to stick to one car per company for this list to limit our discussion of Tesla and the like, but Hyundai has made two very different vehicles that deserve their separate praise and analysis.

The Ioniq has a real-world range of 311km and a respectable price tag of $48,490 before on-road costs. This is the second cheapest car on our list and has a range comparable to some of the top performers like the Audi e-tron and the Renault ZOE, this is why the Ioniq is considered one of the best right now. It also has a hybrid model if that intrigues drivers, but we are fully electric all the way!

It's not too bad of a looker either but the Ioniq is a functional ride over a stylish one which is to be expected for the price, but it’s a perfectly respectable ride that many Australian can afford which is why it takes the final spot on our list!

Range: 6th

Cost: 2nd

Cool: 8th

And there you have it, our Top 10 EVs of 2020. Ten electric vehicles that will serve all your needs.

What did we get wrong? Does a different vehicle deserve to make the Top 10? Let us know over at Facebook or Email us!

2020 has been a hard year so far but we hope you’re looking towards the future with your head held high as we sure are! And along the way, we’ll be on the lookout for what will change on this list in 2021 and what is on the horizon for electric vehicles in 2021!


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