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Redlands City Council joins the EV charging party…

Another day, and we’re pleased to report, another Council leading the push towards electric vehicles and sustainable transport.

Redlands City Council covers beautifully pristine area of our wide brown land, along the coast of Queensland. Interestingly, the boundary takes in several residential islands that sound kind of like depths of Melbourne-winter heaven to us. These include North Stradbroke, Karragarra, Lamb, Russell and Mcleay and the awesomely named Coochiemudlo.

Just bear with us for a few seconds while we contemplate island life…

And we’re back…where were we? Ah yes, EV charging at Redlands

The Council have started electrification of their fleet of staff vehicles; in short, they want to reduce running costs as well as transport emissions. Plus, set a great example for the wider community to follow.

Council’s Fleet Manager Jon Horsey led the EV charge, contacting us about installing intelligent EV chargers earlier this year. In his own words:

“(Council is) embracing new and cost effective technologies especially in the automotive race to zero-emission targets. Electrification of the fleet, powered by sustainable and renewable sources, reduces running costs and gains better value for the ratepayer.”

Which EVs will the lucky peeps at Redlands Council be driving?

So, supplied by Cricks Renault, Redlands have added Renault Kangoo ZEs and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs to their fleet mix. Here at EVolution HQ, we reckon that mix of workhorse and white collar, BEV and PHEV, is a great way to ease everyone into the transition.

These EVs will be powered-up using the ChargeAmps AURA Dual Port AC 22KW EVSEs for Council premises and the ChargeAmps HALO 7kw for off-site locations. In addition, because they’re both intelligent charging options, staff charging up at home can be reimbursed for privately used power.

And it makes sense. We know EVs are great for fleet managers as they know the cost of ownership goes beyond the sticker price. In other words, once you include fuel, maintenance and repairs, EVs win…hands down.

Want more info? Work for a Council and want fast, efficient, eco-smart charging? You know what to do.

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