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Renault Zoe Now On (General) Sale in Oz!

You heard it right, the French automaker Renault, is now available to the general public in Australia! Initially the Zoe was only available to ABN holders but this has recently changed, We have been limited for choice when it comes to buying small size EVs, but this is slowly starting to change.

Andrew Moore, MD Renault Australia, stated:

“Our initial roll-out was to focus our discussions directly with forward-thinking fleets who want to incorporate an electric vehicle into their existing fleet of vehicles. As at the end of June 2018, our sales to fleet customers this year have surpassed our initial sales projections.”

We were lucky enough to install one of our chargers for the FIRST Renault Zoe purchased in Queensland by Paul Williams. You can see his review and installation below.

"Russell the EVolution owner called me on a Saturday after I had looked at their website and submitted an enquiry online. Within a few days the courier delivered the charger and I got a call from one of the electricians they use here in Brisbane. The next day at 9 am the electrician arrived and fitted the charger, via our sub board linked to our solar system. The charger works really well with the Renault Zoe, the first in QLD. Thanks Russell. Your company delivers, really well!" - Paul Williams

So should you take a closer look at the Renault Zoe Z.E.?

The Zoe has been the best selling EV of its type in Europe, having won the "Best Green Car" award at the FirstCar Awards 2018. It is also praised for its impressive real-world range, ease-of-use and value.

You can purchase the new hatchback from Renault’s EV dealerships and can choose from the Zoe Life ($47,490) or Zoe Intens ($49,940). The Zoe Life being an entry-level EV and the Intens more luxury focused. Recharging takes 7.5 hours with a single-phase 7kW 32A socket and ranges up to 300kms (200kms city conditions). Both models feature a 7” R-LINK navigation touchscreen and the Intens also features sports rear parking sensors and 16” ‘Black Shadow” alloys. Both with a 41Kwh battery pack that takes around excluding road costs.

Word is, Renault plans to launch 8 pure electric vehicles and 12 electrified models by 2022.

Find out more about Renault Zoe charging and the best Renault products here:

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