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Hyundai Kona EV

With the Hyundai Ioniq being the winner of the 2017 Professional Driver’s ‘Green Car of the Year’, Hyundai have now released a new SUV, the Kona.

Hyundai Kona EV Charger


The Hyundai Kona was released overseas in June 2017 and has quickly made itself a success in the small SUV market. This style of SUVs willbecome a hugely popular EV car choice, small compact and very practical. We are expected to see the Kona EV coming to Australia in 2019, but if we cross our fingers we may receive it as early as the last quarter of 2018.


The new Kona is a full electric car and derives its power from an LG battery. It is expected to come with two battery options:

1. 40kWh battery: around 200kms, suitable for city driving and short local trips.

2. 64kWh battery: should provide up to 470kms on a single charge, suitable for a greater driving range and fast charging.

The Kona has a range of safety features including autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert. It also has DC fast charging as standard, something whihc is lacking on the Zoe and optional on the i3!


Price range is around $50k + which is slightly more expensive than the 2018 LEAF and similar to that of the base model Tesla Model 3.

With the new LEAF, the EV buying options for the Australian and NZ public are really starting to hot up!

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