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Electric Vehicle Charger Grants Available For Tassie!

Limited Time Only!

Yes you read that right! For an incredibly limited time the Tasmanian government is offering grants up to $5,000 for workplaces, public venues and non profit organisations to install electric vehicle chargers.

ChargeSmart is the Tasmanian Government grants program that supports the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in workplace environments. Powered by Tasmania’s renewable energy, electric vehicles will help to reduce emissions & transport costs. We are excited to help encourage electric vehicle uptake through increased awareness of charging stations & technology for use of employees at workplaces.

Just some of the benefits of installing Electric Vehicle Chargers at your venue or workplace.

Charging Stations Will Be Competitive Differentiators - Your business becomes a point of difference and will attract more public to your location.

Increase Customer Dwell Time While Building Brand Loyalty - The pay off for retailers, shopping centres, and retail developers is consumer "linger factor" - which can in turn lead to an increase in dollars spent per EV driver.

Make a Statement - EV charging station at business locations sends a message to the public about the values of the corporation. It tags you as being environmentally friendly, conscientious and forward-thinking. If you're an employer it encourages and empowers employees to hold the same values.

Attract and Retain High-Quality Employees - Adding EV charging stations to company buildings is a huge perk for employees—it encourages and eases their experience using EV vehicles.

Cross-Promotions, Rewards and Goodwill - Many of EV charging stations can offer branding, advertising, and cross-promotional opportunities. Our Cylon unit in particular has ample space for your logo and corporate messages.

So, if you would like to install a charger for your business or know of a location who wants one, but hasn't had the funds to proceed, this is the best opportunity to get a little help.

The application process is really easy but the closing date is 21st May 2018 at 5pm sharp.. so don't hang about. Download the form (link below), complete the fields and send it in!

For more info navigate to the below links or call us on 1300 70 11 99, we'd love to help.


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