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The Tesla Model 3 - Stick Or Twist?

We were once a small market, but we are growing bigger and better everyday. EVs have been acclaimed to be the future of personal mobility! We believe that electric vehicles on the used market are in high demand and consequently have the lowest depreciating values. Drive Zero gives a timeline from the first Electric Vehicle to where Australia is now. We recommend giving it a read:

Jaguar iPace

In 2018, a variety of new EVs are predicted to arrive in Australia, this includes the upcoming Model 3 mid-size sedan (estimated late 2019). The Model 3 is designed as a smaller, simpler & more affordable electric car.

Tesla Model 3.

In addition to the Tesla, we also have the new Hyundai IONIQ, BMW i3s, and the Jaguar I-Pace, to expand the new and exciting range of EV options in Australia. We are definitely excited for these!

There are approximately 14,000 Model reservations holders across Australia and NZ who put down their $1500 deposit back in 2016. With the car not due to hit our shores until late 2019 (earliest), the Model 3 may be irrelevant, obsolete or still born before it's had chance to hit the roads down under.

We are interested to hear, if you have a Model 3 reservation, should you wait or plump for a vehicle that is more readily available... such as the new LEAF, the Ioniq, the Kona, the iPace or the Outlander PHEV? We'd love to hear your thoughts, comment below!

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