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EVolution - Powering the Future of Green Transportation For Aussie and NZ Councils 

Installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers for fleet and public use can be a strategic move for any council. This initiative promotes environmental sustainability, aligning with the council's green objectives, and helps reduce local carbon emissions, improving air quality.


As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, offering convenient charging infrastructure can drive increased adoption and support eco-conscious transportation choices. Moreover, this commitment to sustainability can attract businesses with EV fleets, stimulating economic growth and enhancing the overall quality of life within the community. By offering accessible EV charging solutions, the council demonstrates a commitment to a cleaner future while bolstering local economic development.


Future-proofing your council or government-owned and managed infrastructure, including public car parks, buildings, community centres, parks, tourist and shopping precincts clearly tells users you're prepared for the transport transition to low-emission driving.

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Choose an EV charging product made in Melbourne

We're proud to be the designer of the Australian-made AURIGA EV AC charging station!

The durable AURIGA can have up to three plug ports which can charge up to 22kW simultaneously and can be set to a maximum current to suit your available power supply. It's temperature and UV resistant and the modular construction means it's easy to upgrade in future.

And, best of all, installing a Melbourne-made product by an Australian-owned business, you're supporting local innovation.

If you'd like a spec sheet or more information about the AURIGA AC EV charger, please complete the form below or give us a call. There is also more information about the AURIGA here.

Why should Councils & Governments lead the way with electric vehicles?

The popularity of EVs globally is being driven by technology advances and environmental concerns.


It's clear that as the technology improves and prices enter the ‘family-budget-friendly’ range, the uptake of EVs in Australia particularly will grow well beyond estimated numbers.

Traditionally, local Councils have led the charge (no pun intended!) on providing charging points for local residents, visitors and tourists. However, we understand that thought needs to be given to the often detailed process of Councillor proposal, approval and budgeting. Therefore, it's important for Councils to be thinking about EV charge points well in advance just to keep pace with shopping centres and other local customer-facing businesses.

EVolution Australia has worked with a number of government agencies to design, install and monitor EV charge points (please see case studies below). Above all, our understanding of the EV world means we’re perfectly positioned to help government planning and infrastructure agencies future-proof their EV charging.

Let us help you plan and deploy Government site EV charging

Australia and New Zealand are experiencing the start of an exciting transition to lower emission transport, both personally and commercially, and many Governments and Councils are leading the way.


However, future-proofing charging solutions is essential, which is why we take into consideration a number of factors when discussing your Council or Government site installation project with you, such as:

Get our electric vehicle charging team on your side

Thanks to previous installation projects, the EVolution team has the experience and expertise to help.


We offer a genuine national EV charging installation service for EV charging projects across Australia and New Zealand, and we aim to identify and mitigate the challenges associated with Government or Council EV charging projects.

With both software coders and material fabricators on our team, we are dynamically flexible and able to customise project deliverables to suit your specific needs. Forgotten to include a pedestal for your charging station? No worries, ask us and we’ll create it for you.

In short, we aim to make the process of installation and delivery as easy as possible. In addition, we make the process of charging any electric vehicle so smooth that everyone will want to buy one!

EV charger access control via a smart phone app.

 Automated billing solutions to avoid management overheads.

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Find out more about council & government charging

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"Was going on a road trip in my Tesla and was desperately looking a J1772 to Tesla adaptor. Sent an email query to EVolution and got a text in 5min!! Advised to go online to order and it will be delivered in the morning. Got my adaptor delivered as promised. Amazing service and at a competitive price as well!"

Eddie, Tesla S

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