Live in or manage an apartment block & want EV charging solutions?

Installing EV charging in an apartment block does offer some unique challenges.


We'd like to address the four most common questions we get when asked about apartment or multi-dwelling EV charging:

Where can we install a charger?

This will depend on where and how much power is connected to your carparking area. If there is an existing power point in your parking space, then we can recommend and quickly install an EV charging solution. If not, we can quote you to use and improve existing infrastructure to connect wiring from the switchboard to site.

How will body corporate work out EV charging energy usage and costs?

By installing an intelligent EV charger that can be managed and monitored via an online portal, we can make fair and equitable billing for your EV charging really easy.


How do I convince my neighbours and body corporate?

Because our team have done this before (several times), we can walk you through a step-by-step process that gives all stakeholders the information and reassurance they need to allocate a budget and give the green light to EV charging installation at your apartment building.


Which EV charger is best for apartment installation?

We have a range of great EV charging products suitable for apartments, but use and highly recommend a Swedish product, the ChargeAmps AURA. Not only does it look sleek, the recycled aluminium body is robust, weather and damage resistant.

Want more info on apartment block EV charging?

What else needs to be considered with apartment EV charging?

EV charger access control via a smart phone app.

 Automated billing solutions to avoid management overheads.

Initially, installing an EV charger for one or two EV owners in an apartment building is easy.

However, we're on the cusp of a massive and exciting transition to EV uptake in Australia and New Zealand, so future-proofing your charging solutions is essential.

That's why, when discussing charging with an apartment owner or body corporate, we talk about other important considerations like:

Great software is the key to simple apartment EV charging.

We've developed software that is capable of managing:

  • Multiple and flexible billing, including by the hour, by kWh and by consumer type

  • Load management and balancing across groups or pools of EV charging units

  • An easy-to-use dashboard so you can find real-time and historic data, such as power usage and charge times


The data we've collected and experience gained from previous apartment and multi-dwelling EV charging installations also informs how we can best use your existing infrastructure, what upgrades may be necessary and what you can probably do without.

Our process for apartment EV charging.

Once you've made contact us with - either as an EV owner or representing a body corporate - the process is straight forward:

  • We'll gather the information we need to completely understand how, when and where your EV charging will work

  • We'll provide a budgetary estimate that can be submitted for approval

  • We'll talk to everyone, ensuring all stakeholders are engaged

  • Once approval has been given, we'll schedule installation works

So, let's get started! Simple get in touch via the contact form or give us a call!

What do our customers say about us?


"The service was top quality in relation to the supply & installation of my Cylon Charging Station. The unit itself is great and has reduced charging time from 12+ hours from a standard household power point to just over 3 ½ hours with the Cylon unit..."


Norman, BMW i3 owner

Why should you charge up with the team at EVolution?

Fast & free shipping to Australia (min order $99)

National installation coverage Aus & NZ

Warranty on every product

100% innovative & growing Australian-owned company

100% positive customer testimonials

Responsible, safety compliant supplier (RCM & NZ Worksafe)

Expert, friendly & local support from EV drivers & innovators

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We're charging the transition to low-emission transport for a better future

Yes! We are open, have stock and shipping orders (as quick as ever!) during these testing times. Keep well and isolated!

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