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Tesla Model X EV charging

Tesla's family-sized EV


With its gull wing doors and distinctive snub nose boot, the Tesla X has the space and smarts to fit the entire family in for a cross-country drive.

The Tesla brand has influenced so many people, businesses and traditional auto manufacturers with the Model X and S, which was proven when the arrival of the Model 3 to Australia and New Zealand in late 2019 doubled the number of EVs on the roads.



370 - 500kms


Plug Type

Type 2


Battery Capacity

70 - 100kWh


Solar Charge





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As well as EV smarts and style, the sleek Model X has a towing capacity of over 2200kgs and can seat 7 people with comfortable ease.

When your Tesla X arrives, it'll have the high power wall connected (HPWC) and a portable EV charging cable, the universal mobile connected (UMC) in the boot.

While these two pieces of EV charging equipment will help you get a basic charge, there are a range of intelligent charging options we offer that will streamline your charging experience.

Let's have a look at how we can help you create a more efficient, stylish and smarter Tesla X charging experience.

Charging options that come with your Tesla Model X


The Tesla HPWC that comes with your Model X is a commercial grade charger that's capable of up to 24amp, 3 phase charging. However, most residential properties - whether homes or apartments - are not able to supply the maximum power the HPWC can handle, so your Tesla supplied charging unit should always be supplied by a qualified electrician.

The plug standard for the Tesla X is a Type 2 (IEC 62196) and the maximum AC charge rate is 24amps 3 phase. The time to fully recharge your Tesla X using a typical 16amp 3 phase outlet is 6.5 hours up to 9.5 hours.

It's worth noting that your charging equipment doesn't arrive prior to your Tesla X, so installing smarter EV charging at home not only means you'll use your self-generated solar power, but have your equipment ready for delivery day.

Why upgrade your Tesla-supplied HPWC or UMC?

For your Model X, the HPWC and UMC have their limitations.

While you may not have considered it yet, the HPWC has no connectivity, no smart phone app, charge range control and isn't solar aware. If you live in a body corporate-managed dwelling, the HPWC does not offer load management and cannot be monetised, meaning you don't know how much power your Model X is pulling and therefore can't reimburse management for that amount.

The affordable EV charging alternatives we recommend are solar-aware and can be managed and monitored.

Eco-smart, intelligent charging for your Tesla Model X

Our team knows that efficient EV charging is key to having a great EV experience.

If you're one of the 2 million Australian households with rooftop solar, the Myenergi Zappi EV charging unit feeds that green power to your EV, rather than feeding it back to the grid.​​

The Zappi - as well as being a great looking unit - takes your self-generated power and directs it to your EV or the appliances in your home that are demanding electricity. So, if you plug your electric car in, but then go inside and switch electrical appliances on, the Zappi will redirect power to the those, rather than pulling power from the grid in an attempt to feed both. Smart and intelligent charging.

Additionally, the Swedish designed Charge Amps HALO is a sleek and stylish wall unit with it's own smart software, a tethered cable and is hard-working, hard-wearing and made from recycling aluminium.

Both are an excellent choice for your Tesla X, with or without onsite renewable energy.

Myenergi Zappi


Charge your EV from your PV! Use only your self generated renewable power.

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Marvin 7


Add up to 50km of range for every hour of charge. Our very own product made for you.


The Giger


Plug into any three phase power outlet for faster charging.


EV charging bundle


Top up anywhere at anytime, with a portable charging bundle in the boot.

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