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Wondering if your conversion project is feasible? We've been speaking to people from around the world about their classic vehicle ICE to EV conversions.

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Throughout 2020 we've been live-streaming discussions with people and businesses passionate about EV conversions.

From Australia's first EV ute for the mining sector, to the classic VW Beetle build, we've enjoyed some great stories that cover off the big questions; can it be done, how long does it take, how much does it cost and should I start a conversion project myself?

Each of these discussions are on our YouTube channel in the 'ICE to EV Conversions' playlist, or have a look by clicking the links below.

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Tim Harrison's 1965 Cortina ICE to EV co

Tim Harrison's 1965 Mk1 Cortina

Range of approx 160kms

Tesla lithium battery pack

Battery capacity 28kWh

Hyper9 3 Phase AC, Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) Motor

Do modern EVs lack personality?

An interest in electric vehicles combined with a desire to drive a classic car packed with character led Tim Harrison convert a 1965 Mk1 Cortina.

Now the family run-around, his Cortina turns heads even before people realise they can't hear (or smell) an engine or exhaust.

The Cortina has its original brakes, suspension, gearbox and differential and is powered by a NetGain HyPer9 electric motor connected to batteries that were salvaged from a wrecked Tesla Model X. 

Hear about the conversion process, the motivation for going electric and why Tim chose to swap out the exhaust for a charge port.


Click here for Tim's presentation

Range of approx 300kms

Lithium ion battery pack

Battery capacity 55kWh

HyPer9 electric motor

Damon Earwaker's electric Fiat 500

Is an EV conversion the best way to REALLY experience electric drive technology?

In a life-long love affair with the Italian brand, Damon Earwaker purchased his first Fiat when he was just 18 years old and drove it around New Zealand.

It’s just one of over 30 Fiats he’s owned over the years, but the standout is the limited edition 2017 Fiat 500 Anniversario he converted to electric drive in 2018.

After importing a damaged 2016 500e from California - the only global market to have an all-electric Fiat created exclusively for it - Damon cut out its floor and electric powertrain for use in the Anniversario.

The result is the only right hand drive, battery powered Fiat 500 in the world..


Click here for Damon's presentation

Damon Earwakers Fiat 500e.png
Bortana EV conversion.png

The Aussie-built Bortana EV ute

Range of approx 150kms

Lithium ion battery

Battery capacity 50kWh

Zero emissions underground: Building a mining e-fleet.

Corrosion, durability and emissions…e-mobility for mine operations can be a tricky business.

This is the story of how a Brazilian-built chassis ended up being imported to regional Victoria and equipped with electric technology from NSW.

Safescape founder Steve Durkin talks through this corrosion-proof heavy-duty EV, which is being trialled at mine sites across Australia and lauded for its reliability, safety, drivability and, most of all, zero tailpipe emissions.

Perfect for the harsh conditions and often underground environments of mining sites, the Bortana EV is leading the charge in the Australian mining sector's transition to electric, low-emission driving.

Steve will explain how the Bortana EV came about, the electric drive assembly process and whether Aussie four-wheel drivers will be able to get their hands on one in future!


Click here for Steve's presentation

Range of approx 160kms

Lithium ion battery pack

Battery capacity 28kWh

HyPer9 electric motor

James Pauly's 1968 electric VW Beetle

It has to be the ultimate conversion dream...a classic Beetle with the instant torque of electric!

The fact it was only running on 3 cylinders when purchased didn't matter as James Pauly of Traction EV had bigger plans for this vintage vehicle.

With a NetGain HyPer9 motor, Tesla Model S battery modules and whole heap of new parts and polish, he's created a beautiful and functional EV that has become the icon vehicle for his conversions business.

James will run through his vehicle choice, motivations and an overview of the process he created for converting this Beetle to electric drive.


Click here for James' presentation

Electric VW Beetle ICE to EV conversion.
Jefferson's MG Midget EV conversion.png

Jefferson's MG Midget

Range of approx 80kms

Lithium ion battery

Battery capacity 8.6kWh

270Nm torque

Your Tesla is cool and all, but do you want to know how to build an EV on a budget?

An MG Midget from Craigslist, plus a motor, charger and batteries from eBay…Jefferson Black has built a great little EV and an online community of enthusiasts who have followed his conversion experiences through his YouTube channel and website, Jeff’s Projects.

Joining us from Colorado, Jefferson will run through his vehicle choice, motivations and a look at the process he went through to convert his MG to electric drive, including some of the most common questions he gets asked (like, how fast does it really go?)

This is a great story that shares loads of details on the challenges that come up when converting a classic car to electric, as well as Jeff’s current and future conversion plans.


Click here for Jefferson's presentation

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