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Land Cruiser HJ45 EV

We focus on delivering comfortable, daily classic electric vehicles

We love to talk about EV conversions...what's not to love about the personality and character of a classic car combined with the smooth ride of an electric drive train?

Our Electric Car Cafe team can convert any make and model vehicle of any age, but have experience and specialise in Land Rovers, Range Rover, Audi and Volkswagen chassis.

Want to DIY your conversion?

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The e-ATV...enhanced survivability for the Australian defence force.

Range up to 200kms

Lithium ion battery pack

Battery capacity 24kWh

Tri-electric motors

Featuring independent wheel drive with maximum torque from standstill via a unique and custom designed tri-motor drivetrain, the e-ATV prototype was developed to meet strict requirements, primarily reduced noise and heat signature to mitigate risk of discovery while in the field.


Individually powered wheels also enable greater manoeuvrability and an improved opportunity for moving away from threats, even one wheel has been damaged by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

e-ATV red wall.png
EVo ECC FB images.png

Cruiser classic with an extended 4x4 range for remote driving

Range of approx 500kms

Tesla lithium battery pack

Battery capacity 100Wh

HPEVS AC50 electric motor

Gorgeous, but a complete smoke machine, this HJ45 is being converted to a smooth off-road explorer that'll regularly run down the same Aussie back roads that were first created by horses and early model diesel utes. 

This lucky owner is planning full camping set up to enjoy the silence of the bush, while leaving nothing but tyre tracks. You can follow this build from start to finish at!

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Great Scott! It's an electric time machine...almost

Range up to 200kms

Lithium ion battery pack

Battery capacity 40kWh

Tesla powered

An asbolute classic that is instantly recognisable to everyone, the Delorean is an epically cool vehicle that we're super pumped about converting to electric.

Fly DMC (@fly.dmc) will be a Tesla-powered daily driver with incredible speed off the line for the passionate owner. You can follow this build from start to finish at!

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Electric Delorean EVolution.png
audi electric 1.jpg

The vehicle that started it all...the 1997 Audi A3

Range of approx 100kms

Tesla lithium battery pack

Battery capacity 20kWh

HPEVS AC50 electric motor

A clapped out Audi that was short on love and definitely out of engine time. Built by a small team of experts to trial a small car conversion at a lower price point to see if at-scale EV conversions were feasible.


The answer? Not quite yet. But we're working on it.

Classic Series Land Rover with no range anxiety

Range of approx 300kms

Lithium ion battery pack

Battery capacity 55kWh

HyPer9 electric motor

An R&D based conversion to see where the battery boxes and other EV components could be located within the aluminium body. The knowledge and skills gained from this and the Audi conversion have informed conversion project processes we need to professionally convert vehicles on similar chassis.

EV conversions fuel cap plug.jpg
1976 Range Rover EV conversion.png

Back in the day classic cool...Chrissy, the 1976 Range Rover

Anticipated range of 250kms

Lithium battery pack

Battery capacity 50kWh

NetGain HyPer9

Named in honour of iconic Geelong musician Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of The Divinyls.

A 1976 two door Range Rover that was loved when fresh off the dealer forecourt, but in recent years has been (ab)used as a bush bashing parts car. Sourced in leafy Camberwell, Vic.



Great patina - all rock on the top layer of paint, with hints of pink undercoat peeping through.

Despite a hard life, she's sturdy and well built, ready to roam the streets of Melbourne as a reinvented, silent drive electric vehicle.



Rat infested (literally!)

Rust, dints, scratches and bumps

A bad paint job with a great shape...a Ford Transit named Madge


Lithium ion battery pack


HyPer9 electric motor

A popular police obbo van, our Ford Transit is named in honour of Madge Connor, the first of two female officers who joined Victoria Police in 1917.

This 1969 Transit has been sat in a shed for the past two decades, waiting for some love and a lick of paint. Madge has been used for deliveries, as a touring band pick-up wagon in the 80s and lived in country NSW for many years. With surprisingly low kilometres on the clock, we picked Madge up in Ivanhoe, Vic.


Fabulous shape with an endearing front end

Pretty much intact and structurally sound



Terrible previous paint job in matt black

Rust, dints, scratches and bumps

Ford Transit EV conversion.png

Do you have a vehicle you're thinking of converting to electric?

We have a range of projects in hand and lead-in times can vary.

Having said that, we love hearing about new EV conversion projects and welcome you to get in touch to experience a bespoke conversion created by our team of mechanical and engineering experts.

Or, if you're working on your own ICE to EV project, join one of our regular conversion webinars, view the information on this site and visit our YouTube channel for inspiration and encouragement. 

​​And, as well as EV charging cables, wall units and equipment, we can also recommend and supply the EV conversion components and parts you need to convert your own vehicle to electric.

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"Was going on a road trip in my Tesla and was desperately looking a J1772 to Tesla adaptor. Sent an email query to EVolution and got a text in 5min!! Advised to go online to order and it will be delivered in the morning. Got my adaptor delivered as promised.

Amazing service and at a competitive price as well!"

Eddie, Tesla S

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