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Sleek and Swedish...EV charging made easy

Innovative tech for public EV charging

The appeal and contours of the ChargeAmps range make them our most popular EV chargers for public sites, but they're also robust, recycled and weather resistant.


Charge Amps are a Swedish greentech company who are passionate about making your electric car charging experience easy, smart and smooth.

Providing user-friendly solutions for home, office or the road, ChargeAmps consistently deliver innovative designs paired with great functionality.

Easily one of our most popular commercial products, ChargeAmps products have a range of great features that make them as intelligent as they are good looking.

For fleet or commercial users, the dual port ChargeAmps AURA is the perfect workplace solution, while the HALO can be installed at the drivers home to provide usage data that enables reimbursement.

The RAY is a beautifully intuitive portable switchable EV charging cable, that can be set from 10 to 15 amps for faster charging during the day or overnight.

The ChargeAmps electric car charging home and in public

Elegant and feature rich, with a user-friendly management portal, the ChargeAmps range of products are beautifully executed portable and wall-mounted chargers that will compliment and enhance any car park and EV charging setting.

EVolution are proud to be the exclusive distributors of ChargeAmps products in Australia and New Zealand.

ChargeAmps AURA EV charging unit

Incredibly popular for commercial applications, the dual port AURA is robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, and attractive enough to be the product of choice for a range of highly visible locations.

We recommend the AURA as an untethered unit (no attached cable) for public EV charging, and tethered (with attached cable) for home EV charging for two cars.

ChargeAmps AURA

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ChargeAmps HALO EV charging unit

HALO is a compact and reliable EV charging station, constructed from durable recycled aluminium. It's one of the smallest home EV chargers available in Australia, and comes equipped with a tethered (attached) cable for easy use. It also features a smart timer and lock function, as well as an entertaining 'light dance' as it's charging.

This unit can be installed at home for people driving fleet EVs, and allowing fleet managers to track home energy usage in order to reimburse the driver.

ChargeAmps HALO

ChargeAmps RAY portable EV charging cabl

An attractive and efficient portable charging cable, RAY features a simple-touch LED display that allows you to 'dial' up or down your charge rate from 6 to 16 amps. This allows you to take advantage of self-generated renewable power or off-peak energy rates when charging during the day or night.


The plug fits snugly in your hand when removing it from your EV, and the inbuilt light helps guide you when charging at night.

ChargeAmps RAY

"I think that innovative companies that facilitate a greener lifestyle will be key drivers in creating a better environment.


I like that and I love being a part of this process."

- Joachim Nordvall (designer of RAY)

ChargeAmps HALO EV charging.jpg

ChargeAmps HALO case study


Why did you choose to install a HALO Wallbox ™ at your home?


Prior to purchase, I performed a heap of research on my home charger options almost as much as on the EV itself! For me the  HALO Wallbox ™ was an obvious choice because it marries up with maximum charge rate of my car and I only need to charge overnight. I would rather put the money on another than expensive cabling.


For those who want to install charging boxes to their home; what advice do you want to give to them?


In the interests of convenience always go for a fixed wall charger  I'm always busy so having the charger exactly where I want it without the need to unravel any cables is the best. The Halo also has a light which very and as part of my install I had an extra 10amp outlet installed below it which is perfect for my charging my electric hedge trimmer!


As an early adopter it's always hard to make the right decision with  with very little reference information to go on.  But anyone looking at the Charge-Amps Halo should have confidence and belief in the decision to choose such world class industrial design. I have no regrets and highly recommend the Charge-Amps Halo wall charger, made in Sweden!

Peter, Danderyd

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