Who are Charge Amps?

Charge Amps are a Swedish innovation green-tech company all about making your electric car charging experience easy, smart and trendy. They provide user-friendly solutions for home, office or the road with innovation designs that add functionality to their products.

"I think that innovative companies that facilitate a greener lifestyle will be key drivers in creating a better environment. I like that and I love being a part of this process." - Joachim Nordvall (designer of Ray)

What do they offer?

We've teamed up with Charge Amps to bring you two of their premium EV products. Elegant, beautiful and feature rich. Why settle for a 'box on a wall' when you can have something as well executed as this in your electric car charging life? 


RAY is an efficient, reliable and hassle-free EV charger. RAY's features include a led display where you can choose ampere settings between 6-16A. And night drives you can turn on the built-in flashlight to find your way to the socket. 


HALO is a compact and reliable EV charging station a wallbox, with smart software and made of durable recycled aluminium. Being one of the smallest chargers available HALO comes equipped with a fixed cable, to plug in your car without having to get a separate cable. It also features a smart timer- and lock function.

HALO Wallbox Review


Why did you choose to install a HALO Wallbox ™ at your home?


Prior to purchase, I performed a heap of research on my home charger options almost as much as on the EV itself! For me the  HALO Wallbox ™ was an obvious choice because it marries up with maximum charge rate of my car and I only need to charge overnight. I would rather put the money on another than expensive cabling.


For those who want to install charging boxes to their home; what advice do you want to give to them?


In the interests of convenience always go for a fixed wall charger  I'm always busy so having the charger exactly where I want it without the need to unravel any cables is the best. The Halo also has a light which very and as part of my install I had an extra 10amp outlet installed below it which is perfect for my charging my electric hedge trimmer!


Is there anything you want to add?


As an early adopter it's always hard to make the right decision with  with very little reference information to go on.  But anyone looking at the Charge-Amps Halo should have confidence and belief in the decision to choose such world class industrial design. I have no regrets and highly recommend the Charge-Amps Halo wall charger, made in Sweden!

Peter Ahlberg, 51, entrepreneur in Danderyd about his experiences with Charge Amps HALO

RAY Charger Review

Received the Charge Amps Ray recently, right on schedule. The Ray's ease of use and conveniently adjustable charge setting suits my stand alone solar charging set-up just fine.


As my i3s and I are at home during the day, much of the time, I wished to be able to easily match the charging power to the amount of PV above. Previously that meant just too much trouble, hopping in the car and starting it to adjust low, medium and high settings with the cars I drive controller.


So easy now with the 6 to 16 amp adjustment right there on the Ray connector, ideally matched to the limited output of my off-grid system.


Thanks again for the service and advice. 

Gary (Brisbane)





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