We'll install your Tesla HPWC EV Charger, wherever you call home in Australia

Receive a quote to install your HPWC EV Charger, no fuss and within 24 hours.

Why have a professional install your Tesla HPWC Electric Car Charger at home?

While it’s true any electrician can install an electric car charger, incredibly, not all electricians are fully aware of the current standards for the installation of an EVSE. For example, the Tesla HPWC requires a very specific RCD which may cost up to $500. Without this safety device, your install may be non-compliant and unsafe. Worse still, if your installation quote is less than say $600, then it’s highly likely that your electrician hasn’t specified the correct equipment so rework and additional costs may be required down the track.


If your EV charger is in the right location, then charging up becomes second nature. Part of the daily routine.


While most EV manufacturers provide a portable EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) with the EV, this is typically the slowest way to charge.

A faster charger, with a matching high current circuit, can provide up to 70kms of range per hour, making you a happy EV driver!

Our team can supply and install a super smart Zappi  or install the Tesla HPWC; either way, our team of nationwide installers are fully qualified and compliant with Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

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The 'We make it easy' electric car charger at home quote & installation process

Our (superbly quick and seamless) installation process goes like this:


  1. Send two pictures of one of the inside of your meter box and where you would like the EV charger installed

  2. Estimate the rough distance between the two - doesn't need to be accurate.

  3. Specify your current capacity required (15 or 32 Amp)

  4. Provide your contact details (name, suburb & state, contact number)

  5. That's it!


We will come back to you (usually) within 1 business day with a fully inclusive and competitive quote! Once accepted we are usually able to attend your home to install within a few days of getting the go ahead. Our reach is nationwide, even if you're somewhere completely off the beaten track. Message us and we'll quote you!


To get started simply fill in the contact form or (if you hate filling in forms) call us or email contactus@evolutionaustralia.com.au