Essential bit of kit for your EV conversion. This trully robust and quality item will keep your 12v accessory battery charged even if you have a high draw devices such as heated seats and electric power steering units.


Thunderstruck Motors 96-144V (nominal) Isolated DC-DC converter has 13.8V output with a max of 50 amps (burst at 12V).  8"x5.5" Footprint. 5kg. 


Yellow 144V B+

Grey  144V B-

Green 144V B+ (On)


Red 12V +

Black 12V-


The ipDCIS series isolated DC-DC converter utilises advanced high frequency power conversion technology and is designed to transfer high power battery voltage to a lower 12V, to supply vehicle mounted devices such as lights and audio systems.


Its features include small size, high efficiency, stabilized output voltage, and completely protected functionality.

This DC-DC converter is completely electrical isolated from input to output to ensure safe use; stabilized output voltage can charge 12V batteries; multiple DC-DC converters can be used in parallel directly to increase output current.

If using for a 96v application, be sure that your system will still function without problems at a low state of charge, as this unit's low voltage cutoff is 80V. 

Maximum Efficiency: ≥88%

Environmental Enclosure: IP65

Operating Temperature: -20℃-+60℃


Protections & Functions

Water & Vibration Resistant: Enclosure is sealed by silica glue to protect from water and vibration.

Key Switch Control: The converter can be controlled by a key switch control wire instead of an input relay.                                     

Over Heat Protection: Automatically reduces output current if the temperature is over 65°C, but it does not shut down to ensure the continuous power for your accessories.

Short Circuit Protection:  Shuts down and auto-resets with little pulse current.

Under Voltage Protection: Shuts down when the voltage of Hi-V battery is too low to avoid over-discharge ofthe battery.

Output Voltage: 13.8V±0.2V @0A, >12V @50A

Actual recommended input voltage range 100-180v

Low Voltage Cutoff  ~79V



(1) Be sure you don't have input wires and output wires reversed, otherwise it will cause damage!

(2) Don't open the shell of the converter; there is a risk of electric shock!

Thunderstruck 96-144V (nominal) DC-DC converter







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