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Holden Volt By Graham: Melbourne, VIC

Holden Volt Review Melbourne

Why did you choose this particular model?

To support Australian car industry in part. Changed from Golf Blue Motion

​Which other models did you consider at the time of purchase?

Tesla but too expensive, big, wide and long!

​How long have you owned the vehicle?

Since 2012

​​What do you enjoy the most about the car?

Uniqueness, Petrol range and flexibility

​What niggles you about it?

Earth leakage issue which GM/Chevy/Holden won't fix

Front air dam scratching on speed humps.

Sat nav doesn't dynamically change route.

​Has your style of driving changed since owning an EV?

No! Still a lead foot!


What's the longest and shortest range you've experienced?

500km and 425km

Where do you mostly charge?

Public and home via an EVolution Portable 32 Amp Charger

And do you make much use of public charging stations?

Yes, Chargepoint Australia

How much longer do you intend to keep it for?

Ready to sell now.. the i3 or the 330e are both likely contenders


How have the dealers been with regards to support?

Holden just ok. It really depends on who is on the service desk as to their knowledge of the car!


Do you unashamedly consider yourself an EVangelist? ;-)

Yes, though sometimes I am ashamed at how much I spruik EV benefits to anyone who will listen.


Anything else to add that might help prospective buyers?

Perhaps wait for 200km vehicles.

Read reviews.

Go for test drives.

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