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Electric Car Conversion Kits

Would you like to convert your current petrol car to a brand new EV or electric car?  You've come to the right place. We've got a growing selection of electric car conversion kits which will enable you to convert and upcycle your existing vehicle into something unique, quick, clean, green and reliable.

Note: While our electric car conversion kits include components and hardware are designed to work with each other and your car, you will need to perform your own research and have the necessary tools and skills to complete the build.


You will also need to adhere to all engineering requirements for your region and seek support and endorsement from a suitably qualified engineer. When you buy conversion components from EVolution they are bought on a supply only basis. Any support that you require from us may be billable.

We further highly recommend you check out our YouTube chats and jump on these forums and websites for crowdsourced inspiration and info:

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