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Thank you for enquiring about EV charging at Electrikhana WA!

When you first get your new or pre-loved electric vehicle, the way you charge it is key to having a great driving experience.

The manufacturer-supplied cable or wall unit (that comes in the boot) is usually what we refer to as a 'granny charger' due to it's slow rate of charge. While it will be useful initially, you'll soon realise it's limitations and explore faster and smarter charging options.

For example, using a Mitsubishi-supplied charging cable, the Outlander PHEV will take up to 5 hours to completely charge the battery. But, the simple addition of a 15amp power point in your home or garage, plus a sleek cable like the portable ChargeAmps RAY, which is switchable from 6 to 15amps, will take up to 3 hours. 

Mitsubishi Outlander Phev hybrid electric car
Charge Amps RAY Front electric car charger

Faster charging time of up to 3 hours for 1 to 100% charge (rather than up to 5 hours)

And while a portable cable is a great addition to your EV charging kit, adding a hard-wired wall unit such as the Myenergi Zappi will not only make charging faster than your manufacturer-supplied equipment, but also allow you to use your self-generated solar power for your EV and home appliances (rather than pulling power from the grid).

2019 mitsubishi outlander phev hybrid electric car
myenergi zappi home electric car charger

Faster charging time of up to 3 hours for 1 to 100% charge PLUS intelligent use of your self-generated solar power.

Additionally, having a public charging bundle in the boot of your vehicle will help you take advantage of almost every public charging point across Australia and New Zealand. Simply pop them in your boot and go!

2019 mitsubishi outlander phev hybrid electric car

An Type 2 to Type 2 cable + a three phase adaptor charging bundle gives you access to thousands of public charge points.

EV Charging bundle.jpg

We'd like to give you 5% off any EV charger purchase from EVolution...simply give us a call on 1300 70 11 99 from Australia or 0800 11 11 51 from NZ and mention Electrikhana WA!

Why should you charge up with the team at EVolution?

Fast & free shipping to Australia (min order $99)

National installation coverage Aus & NZ

Warranty on every product

100% innovative & growing Australian-owned company

100% positive customer testimonials

Responsible, safety compliant supplier (RCM & NZ Worksafe)

Expert, friendly & local support from EV drivers & innovators

All products in stock & ready for dispatch

We're charging the transition to low-emission transport for a better future

We offer nationwide installation across Australia & NZ

Our installation service is genuinely nationwide (yes, even in remote or rural areas!) so irrespective of where you live, you can expect to receive prompt, expert and attentive service from our team.

We have supplied and installed electric vehicle chargers to thousands of happy EV drivers and are familiar with, have driven or owned every electric vehicle on the Australian and NZ market. We're really proud to enjoy a 5 star testimonial rating on Google and social media.

If you have a supplied EV charging unit from the manufacturer you bought your EV from, that's not a problem! We're happy to install your charger for your Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi or Renault. In fact, there isn't a manufacturer-supplied charger on the market we haven't installed!

We always guarantee a competitive quote, fast turnaround and clear communication. So, why not join our thousands of happy customers and let us help you install a fast, efficient and intelligent EV charging solution at your home!

The 'We make it easy' home quote & installation process

Our (superbly quick and seamless) installation process goes like this:


  1. Send two pictures of one of the inside of your meter box and where you would like the EV charger installed

  2. Estimate the rough distance between the two - doesn't need to be accurate.

  3. Specify your current capacity required (15 or 32 Amp)

  4. Provide your contact details (name, suburb & state, contact number)

  5. That's it!


We will come back to you (usually) within 1 business day with a fully inclusive and competitive quote! Once accepted we are usually able to attend your home to install within a few days of getting the go ahead. Our reach is nationwide, even if you're somewhere completely off the beaten track. Message us and we'll quote you!


To get started simply fill in the contact form or (if you hate filling in forms) call us or email

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