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The City of Adelaide Electric Car Charging Hub

(And how to get the best out of it!)

Late in 2017,the City of Adelaide collaborated with SA Power Networks, Mitsubishi Motors, Tesla and the Government of South Australia to launch the City of Adelaide Electric Vehicle Charging Hub.  


Located at 109 Franklin Street (next to the Adelaide Central Bus Station) the Hub provides electric vehicle charging services for up to 8 vehicles.

Compatible with all current plug-in electric vehicle models, the Hub is equipped with:

  • 2 Fast Charging Stations (AC 22kW) – City of Adelaide service

  • 2 Super Fast Charging Stations (DC 50kW) – City of Adelaide service

  • 4 Tesla Superchargers (125 kW) – Tesla service

Adelaide Electric Public Charging Stations

To reduce trip and electrical hazards when not in use, the City of Adelaide Fast Chargers (AC 22kW) use a ‘bring your own cable’ model. You will need a cable with a type 2 Mennekes connection plug as per the picture here.


Adelaide Charging Hub Socket Mennekes

"Cable works perfect on my Volvo V60 Hybrid!"

Jan-Arve Asbjørnsen


Select from the Universal cables below to suit your vehicle. If you're not sure don't hesitate to call us.

But wait there's more - 15 Amp EVSE Option

If you have suitably gutsy portable charger or to charge your vehicle, the City of Adelaide furthermore offers free charging services from 2 X 15 Amp power points in the UPark on Grote at 82 Grote Street. If you are need of a suitably powerful EVSE then we can also provide you with such a device here.

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